Twitter: the end of the social network could impact the video game market?

On France Inter, Manon Mariani explained why the closure of Twitter could greatly impact the video game market.

For several days, a rumor has been circulating. The one that announces the upcoming closure of Twitter. In particular because of the decisions of its new owner Elon Musk. But if that were to happen, the video game market could take a hit. France Inter explained why.

Elon Musk is changing things up

Indeed, the owner of Tesla has changed a lot of things since his arrival. And sometimes its choices have not always pleased users. Just take the example of certifications. Now, you’ll have to pay for the blue macaron.

Some will even be entitled to double certification on Twitter. But paying for the right to be certified don’t really like it. Esther Crawford, product manager at Twitter, therefore spoke on this subject.

“A lot of people have asked how you can tell the difference between Twitter Blue followers with blue badges and accounts that have been verified as official. This is why we are introducing the ‘official’ label for certain accounts”.

She said before adding:“Not all previously verified accounts will have the ‘Official’ badge and it is not available for purchase”. Not enough to calm the ardor of all. Except maybe Kanye West.

Indeed, you probably knew that the latter had been banned from Twitter for a few months. Since the takeover of the social network by Elon Musk, who is also his friend, the rapper has had the right to return to the app… for his greatest happiness.

His tweet “Shalom” did not fail to react. But what has really made people react in recent days remains undoubtedly the “ratio” that Elon Musk took. And this by a famous French Twittos: Arkunir. This one having the ratio twice.

Twitter: the end of the social network could impact the video game market?

Why would the closure of Twitter impact the video game market?

Now we come to the main subject. To know why the closure of Twitter could impact the video game market. Manon Mariani gave many arguments to explain it. Starting by remembering that gaming has been breaking more and more records in recent years.

Proof of this is with the more than 2.4 billion tweets posted in 2021, related to video games on Twitter. This is to say how much we talk about it on the social network. Our colleagues making it known that this number has been multiplied by 10 since… 2017.

Hashtags related to the world of gaming appears every day in top trends of the social network. Proof of this is that the video game has a significant impact on Twitter. The media also relies on another proof of this impact.

Very often, the biggest publishers swing their announcement on a new video game on Twitter. Proof of this is with Rockstar Game for example. The firm’s account has more than 14 million followers. EA games, meanwhile, has more than 6 million.

Finally, Manon Mariani relays an article from the Guardian which relayed the words of a developer. Which proved that she relied heavily on Twitter for her work.Twitter is the best tool in my job. It’s the best marketing platform for us. And also so that we can connect between developers. I don’t have the same connections on Tiktok or Discord. »

Proof that if Twitter were to close, the video game market would be seriously affected.

Twitter: the end of the social network could impact the video game market?