Twitter: the mobile search engine will soon improve?

Many people use social networks for their research. Twitter has understood this and is looking to improve its search engine.

More and more young people are using social networks for their research on the internet. For this reason, Twitter is therefore looking to improve its search engine, especially on mobile. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Many new features for Twitter

It’s no secret that in 2022, Elon Musk bought Twitter. But what is probably the most talked about is the price that the entrepreneur has paid. Indeed, he offered himself the social network to the tidy sum of 44 billion dollars.

Since October 2022, the news has caused a lot of ink to flow. Because inevitably, since his arrival, there are many changes on Twitter. This upset many users.

For starters, there’s a new badge for verified accounts. Indeed, until now, certified accounts had a blue dot. But for some time, Internet users have noticed that some accounts have a yellow pellet. It is aimed primarily at businesses and the media.

So far, nothing too bad. But another change has angered netizens. In effect, a view counter should be released soon. This information has caused debate among Internet users.

The social network continues in its momentum and will soon bring change to the side of its search engine. And yes ! More and more young people are using social networks to do their research on the Internet. And Twitter has understood this. MCE TV explains everything to you!

Twitter: the mobile search engine will soon improve?

A more powerful search engine

Doing your research directly on social networks has become very common. A point on which Twitter intends to improve. The goal is to boost their own search engineespecially on mobile.

The social network wants to make their search engine as accurate as possible. For example, users will be able to carry out geolocated searches. They can also insert dates to save time on their research.

A social media specialist gave his opinion on this novelty: “ FINALLY… Here is the NEWS Twitter’s advanced search function in the app. Coming soon to iOS »did he declare.

This extensive research is already available on computer. Just click on “advanced search” in the settings. But Twitter is well aware that most people use their mobile to surf the internet.

This novelty is a strategy that Elon Musk had already mentioned in November 2022. ” Searching Twitter reminds me of Infoseek in 98! It will also improve very quickly”. So word kept! If no date has been mentioned, the project should see the light of day soon.

But this is not the only novelty for Twitter. Indeed, until now, it was still impossible to modify a tweet. The Internet user could only decide to delete it. But this should change soonwhich delights some users.

Finally, the length of the tweets will also change. And not just a little! Since the number of characters will pass from 280 to 4000 within a few months. Perfect for anyone with a lot to say. To be continued !

Twitter: the mobile search engine will soon improve?