Twitter will remove accounts that try to impersonate other users

  • Accounts that are banned will not receive any type of warning from the platform

The owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, announced that the social network began to implement a new ban policy regarding users who try to impersonate other people, regardless of whether they are verified accounts or not.

The billionaire, who bought the social network recently, it detailed that the only scenario in which this type of conduct will be allowed is in the case of accounts whose purpose is to be a parody of the original account.

Elon Musk became the owner of Twitter after paying 44 billion dollars.

However, in these types of cases, the account must clearly state that it is a “fake” user and that it should not be seen as the main account of the person who is the object of the parody.

The announcement regarding the change in Twitter policy was made by Musk through a thread on said social network where he explained that the suspension of the account will be permanent.

“Going forward, any Twitter user who attempts to impersonate another person without clearly stating that it is a ‘parody’ will be permanently banned,” Musk posted.

The new owner of Twitter said that this puts an end to the system that had been applied until now, through which in this type of case an alert was issued before proceeding with the suspension. He argued that the change is due to the implementation of the new user verification system that the social network intends to launch during this month of November.

Likewise, he stressed that any modification of the username will result in a temporary loss of the verification check. However, he did not specify the duration of the loss of the blue check.

blocked accounts

It is known that the new permanent ban system is already in operation. The Twitter accounts of American personalities such as comedians Kathy Griffin and Sarah Silverman, as well as former National Football League (NFL) player Chris Kluwe, were suspended.

The common element in all these cases is that the users changed the names of their accounts to that of Elon Musk, without specifying that it was a joke, something that according to the new policy represents a violation of Twitter rules whose sanction is death. account deletion.

So far Elon Musk has not commented on these cases, however. However, what he did comment on is Twitter’s rules, which he assured will evolve over time.

What do Twitter’s rules say about phishing?

Twitter will remove accounts that try to impersonate other users

The twitter rules They clearly state that although a user or organization is not obliged to show their real name in their account, they cannot try to impersonate other people, since such action is strictly prohibited.

“We want Twitter to be a place where people can find authentic voices. That means one must be able to trust that the person or organization listed on an account profile genuinely represents the account owner. While you are not required to display your real name or image on your profile, your account must not engage in identity theft or impersonate someone who does not exist in order to mislead others.

Twitter considers a misleading identity to be one that uses false profile information to present itself as a different person or entity than the real thing. This includes the use of a username, account name, profile picture and bio that does not correspond to the real information.

It also clarifies that accounts that share a name but have no other points in common, similar usernames, the use of pseudonyms and parody accounts do not constitute a violation of the regulations.

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Twitter will remove accounts that try to impersonate other users