United Kingdom: Rishi Sunak’s first speech against the opposition

The British Prime Minister will face the deputies of the House of Commons, during the traditional question session, which is often very animated.


King Charles III instructs Rishi Sunak to form a government.
King Charles III instructed Rishi Sunak to form a government.

Land brand new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will address Parliament for the first time on Wednesday, facing a Labor opposition at the top of the polls who are demanding a snap election in a country in the midst of economic and political crisis. Labor leader Keir Starmer congratulated him on Twitter on Tuesday, but bluntly: the British “need a fresh start and a voice on the future” of the country, he wrote.

The Labor opposition, well ahead in the polls, calls for these early general elections almost every day, without waiting for 2024, denouncing the policy of the Conservatives who “have torn the economy to pieces”. Rishi Sunakthe only official candidate after the resignation of Liz Truss last week, took office after being chosen Monday within hours by the Conservative Party, without uttering a word in public and without consulting party members. This summer, the latter had preferred Liz Truss to the extremely wealthy former Minister of Finance, who in the midst of the cost of living crisis, with inflation at 10%, called for budgetary prudence and denounced the “fairy tales” of her rival. . Became the third British Prime Minister in less than 50 days on Tuesday and the sixth since Brexit in 2016, Rishi Sunak however ruled out the early elections that the Conservatives, for 12 years in power, would be sure to lose. According to an Ipsos poll published on Monday, 62% of voters want such an election before the end of 2022.

New government

After meeting King Charles III, who instructed him to form a government, Rishi Sunak on Tuesday announced “difficult decisions” in the face of the economic crisis and promised to “fix” the “mistakes” of Liz Truss, who had resigned after 44 days in office. “Sunak and his wife sit on a fortune of 730,000,000 pounds. This is twice the estimated fortune of King Charles III. Have that in mind when he talks about making tough decisions,” said Labor MP Nadia Whittome.

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A supporter of cutting spending to curb inflation, rather than resorting to debt to support households – a policy favored by Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak has reappointed Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt, who since his appointment disaster in mid-October brought a semblance of calm to the markets. He is due to present new budgetary measures on October 31.

Return of Raab

Rishi Sunak is seeking to bring together deeply divided Tory MPs after 12 years in office. He managed to glean the support of former Boris Johnson faithful to be elected despite some having accused him of treason in July when his resignation from the Ministry of Finance, followed by around sixty others, had led to the departure of “BoJo”. Dominic Raab – a close ally of Rishi Sunak – has meanwhile regained his role as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, which he had to abandon after the resignation of Boris Johnson.

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Suella Braverman, appointed in September Minister of the Interior by Liz Truss and who had slammed the door last week, also finds her post. Influential in the right wing of the party, she has a very tough position on immigration. In the midst of the war in Ukraine, Defense Ministers Ben Wallace and Foreign Affairs Minister James Cleverly also kept their portfolios. For his first appeal to a foreign leader, Rishi Sunak also spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday evening and assured him of the “unwavering support” of the United Kingdom in the face of the Russian invasion. He also spoke by telephone with US President Joe Biden.

United Kingdom: Rishi Sunak’s first speech against the opposition