Vendée: four years in prison for the sexual aggressor who “hurt very very badly” to a 6

The girl has serious consequences after this sexual assault. ©

What happened this Wednesday, December 18, 2019 at Saint-Hilaire-de-Yout, at the home of Lina* and her family? the criminal court of La Roche-sur-Yon had to answer this delicate question, Monday, September 12, 2022almost three years after the fact.

The stepfather of a six-year-old girl was tried for “incestuous sexual assault on a minor under the age of fifteen”.

The little girl looked after by her stepfather

Like every Wednesday, Lina, six year old girl at the material time, stays at home while her mother works. It is her mother’s companion who keeps her.

This 43-year-old man has lived in the home for about a year and no longer works.

In the evening, at bedtime, after the story, the little girl makes a confession to her mother: Georges* “showed her her zézette” and “took off her panties”.

He did “something very nasty” to her.

In her audition a week later, the girl said:

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“I felt the mole, the disgusting and the hard in my zezette and in my buttocks”, and describes a very strong pain.

“His zizi was disgusting and my zézette was all wet”, she still tells the investigators with her childish words, referring to “zizi juice”.

“I know you don’t like lies, but I’m not lying mommy. »

The victim in his statement

The little girl’s confession to her mother

Immediately, the mother brings her companion up to the bedroom and the little girl stands up to him, repeating the accusations in front of him.

Georges leaves the home of Lina and her mother that same evening, leaving all his belongings behind.

It will be located later in the south of the Franceat Narbonnethanks to the regular telephone calls that Lina’s mother continues to make to her, at the request of the investigators.

The next day, the mother will file a complaint with the gendarmerie of Chantonnay and the child is examined by a doctor who finds “a recent, discreetly hemorrhagic lesion” at the level of the hymen.

Lesion of the hymen

That day, you are the only one to take care of Lina. You have custody of it on Wednesdays. How do you explain this lesion?

Isabelle Jubineau, the president of the court

Unshaven beard, half-bald head, withdrawn attitude.

The defendant, who has denied everything since the start of the case, is not very forthcoming about the facts.

“She could have done this to herself while playing, or while riding her bike. I do not know ! he says at the bar.

“The female anatomy being what it is, on a bicycle, it’s complicated”, retorts the president who adds: “It supposes a beginning of penetration”.

Stoic, the man continues on his line: “With me, nothing happened. »

DNA on Frozen’s dress

The judge insists: “How to explain that your DNA is found on the bottom of her dress and in her panties, inside and outside the garment? »

Sometimes I took her up her clothes that her mother left on the sofa. If I made his clothes, it’s normal that there is my DNA on it.

The accused, at the bar

A Frozen costume dresscarried by the child at the time of the events, was confiscated.

Would the defendant have used the child to take revenge on his mother, with whom he was in recurring conflict over money problems? The question is asked by the court. But at the helm, Georges continues to deny.

Described in psychological and psychiatric expertise like someoneimpulsive and aggressivewith “a disturbing profile” and “without empathy”, Georges is himself the father of three children with whom he has cut ties.

In his defence, his counsel argues “the evolving nature of the child’s statements”, contrary to the consistency of his client.

Master Corinne Girard also pleads “an empty file”, “no criminal record and no testimony”. For his lawyer, the argument of his client’s flight does not hold either.

At no time did he try to hide. He stayed for months in Narbonne.

Maître Corinne Girard, defense lawyer

DNA on clothes?

“He has been living in this house for a year. His DNA is everywhere! » claims his lawyer.

“Clear” and “preserved” speech

The civil party lawyer, Master Anne Bayleinsists on “the clarity of the child’s speech”, “preserved by the mother before entrusting it to the investigators”.

She describes the terrible harm suffered by the child.

“The feeling of betrayal, the fear of not being believed, the usual fear in this kind of case, and the grief, the immense grief that has spread in this family”, insists the lawyer who explains that the little girl goes every week to the Medico-Psychological Center for a medical follow-up due to the “great suffering” caused by this attack.

The public prosecutor questions:

What is the interest for this little girl to tell all that? What does she gain? Nothing at all except repeating his story fifteen times to everyone. There is no forced speech, no revenge or conspiracy and no doubt about what the victim may have said.

Nathalie Demorand, prosecutor

It requires four years in prison, including two years of probation and continued detention.

Three years in prison

The man will be condemned to four years’ imprisonment including one year suspended probationi.e. three years in prison, and the obligation of care, work or training, the prohibition to come into contact with Lina and her mother. He will also have to compensate the victims : €5,000 for the child, €1,500 for his mother.

The man is also registered with the File of perpetrators of sexual or violent offenses (Fijian). Finally, the seals were confiscated. The little girl will never see her Frozen dress again.

*Assumed first name

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Vendée: four years in prison for the sexual aggressor who “hurt very very badly” to a 6-year-old girl