Véronique Sanson: the singer evokes the attitude of Claude François at the start of his career

The success of Véronique Sanson in song is not ready to disappear. Singer adored for more than 50 years, she will continue at the beginning of the year, a tour started in 2022. The artist rubbed shoulders with famous personalities like Claude François and Michel Berger. Generous and open-minded, she always got the best out of these encounters. Passing through “C à vous”, this Monday, January 16, 2023, Véronique Sanson talked about this important piece of advice that Claude François offered him. But according to his confidences, the behavior of the so-called Clo-clo clearly leaves something to be desired. Zoom.

This advice from Claude François that Véronique Sanson has never forgotten

On the occasion of the promotion of her new tour, Véronique Sanson was on the set of “C à vous”. This Monday, January 16, the singer always looked so energetic.

“I can’t wait to see you on stage,” exclaimed Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

Veronique Sanson has a poignant way of touching the crowd. When the interpreter of “My reverence” sings on stage, his performance is always hailed by the public. His secret? She makes sure everyone can have a great experience, thatthey are near or far from the scene.

“You constantly think about the guy in the last row”, then launched the host of France 5.

This is actually advice that Claude François gave him. Veronique Sanson therefore returned to this time when the singer gave him this famous advice.

“He told me ‘you are made for the big rooms, so you have to think about the guy in the last row, you have to go get him. You have to be very made up, we see your eyes, we see your mouth and you have to exaggerate your gestures, ”said the ex of Pierre Palmade about Clo-clo.

For several years, this one applied this precious advice from the singer to successs.

The notoriety of Véronique Sanson during all this time shows that Claude François was right.

“I think about it all the time when I do my eye makeup,” she added.

The two artists who influenced his life

Veronique Sanson admits that Claude François gives good advice. However, in 2020, the singer described the interpreter of That year as “someone who was not very nice to those around him”.

She is grateful to him, but it was also “the only time he spoke to me, during his tour alone. (…) I had done a two-week tour with him, he never said ‘hello’ to me, never spoke to me,” she confided.

But this one conversation changed everything for the singer.

According to her, this advice was “the only thing about him that I remembered and never forgot”, she said, last Monday. After all, she didn’t get much of a chance, because Claude François died on March 11, 1978, in Paris, at the age of 39.

Singer-songwriter and pianist also mentioned the influence of Michel Berger on his life as an artist.

“It was not so difficult to live from my passion because I believed in it. And there were combinations of circumstances that brought me a lot. For example, the fact that I meet again Michel Berger, whom I consider my Mentor. We had known each other since childhood, because our parents were friends. I met other great people. I’m not telling you that I sold a lot of records at the beginning, but I had a wonderful entourage! she revealed in Current Woman.

Véronique Sanson’s tour in 2023

Since this meeting with Claude François, Véronique Sanson goes on tour for 5 decades. Moreover, the singer will continue the Hasta Luego tour that she started in 2022. Some of her shows announce already full. This will soon be the case for his concert on March 22, 23 and 24, 2023 at the Dôme de Paris.

It is important to remember that during her years on stage, Véronique Sanson has never sung in playback and it is not ready to change.

“I can’t sing the same song twice in the same way, I was doing very bad lypsinc and I felt bad, very bad,” she said on Monday, after announcing her fight for animals.

That’s why, the singer also refused Guy Lux’s offer, famous animator and producer to sing in playback on his show. The strong character of the singer encourages him to remain firm in his decisions.

Source : Current wife

Véronique Sanson: the singer evokes the attitude of Claude François at the start of his career