Very harsh letter from the son of “Chino” Navarro to Cristina Kirchner: “Emulates a progressive Vivi Canosa”

The reviews of Cristina Kirchner last week the social organizations continue to give talk inside the ruling party. In this case, it was John Francis Navarro -son of the Secretary of Parliamentary Relations, Chinese Navarrese– who posted on his Facebook account a strong letter pointing to the vice president as someone who “emulates a progressive Vivi Canosa“, in ironic reference to the television host, opponent of the government.

Juan Francisco is a longtime militant of the Avoid Movementwhich, without mentioning, was the most targeted by Cristina Kirchner when she questioned the large number of social plans and their “outsourcing” through “neighborhood leaders.” Aemilius Persianhistorical referent of said organization, is today the head of the Secretariat of Social Economy, which administers the questioned plans.

“We can’t get mad at that aunt who screams, emulating a progressive Vivi Canosa,” he slipped into his letter, without naming her, and warned: “Let’s not get angry if Cristina’s revolution is talking about lawfare”.

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FORBIDDEN TO GET ANGRY Let’s not waste time responding to conservative cries. Let’s not be angry if a certain leadership…

Posted by John Francis Navarro on Thursday, June 23, 2022

Navarro had been the center of criticism when he was appointed as director of the Promotion of Sustainable Development of the National Institute of Associations and Social Economy (Inaes)and according to many even from the ruling party itself, did not have the experience for that role.

“Let’s not waste time responding to conservative cries. Let’s not get angry if a certain leadership wants to make the work of the popular economy invisible. They don’t understand it. Do not listen. They think they all know it, “Navarro shot, adding:” We can’t get mad at that aunt who screams from the corner of the table, swearing at the planeros, emulating a progressive Vivi Canosa.

Later, he questioned the lack of ideas in the ruling coalition to put together a unity by the Vice President: “Let’s not get angry if Cristina’s revolution is to talk about lawfare. The fact that everything is lawfare it leaves us without the possibility of seeing another horizon.”

And he continued to criticize the ways that the former president has: “He chooses CFK by finger, gets angry with the chosen one and then leaves him. cheap philosophy. Let’s not get angry if the partner does not take charge. The Evita Movement did not elect [Julio] Cobos, [Amado] boudou, [Martín] Insaurralde or [Daniel] Scioli. Nor are we part of the defeated Citizen Unit. We didn’t choose Alberto either. But neither do we abandon, destroy or try to leave the popular field”.

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On the other hand, he replied about the reference to Eva Peron that the Vice President had done to question the administration of the social plans: “Eva [Perón] it lives. In those compañeras from Fiorito who fought against the municipality and the company contracted in 2007 to build the houses in the neighborhood. Eva lives in Barrio Obrero, in those semi-prefabricated houses that CFK delivered ten years ago. The houses fall down, every now and then the patrol car arrives in the neighborhood. Then the State appears in drops, sure to close down some popular fair, “said Navarro.

And he asked his companions: “To give the body for what is missing, for our people. That the great aunt that we love very much continues to insult the planeros. Tomorrow the Salada opens and the compañeras are going to buy the bottle to beat the cold of the fair for a while, let’s not fall into the trap “.

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The request for reaction to Alberto Fernández

After these criticisms, he made reference to the president Alberto Fernandez by asking you to “react”. “Comrade President: react! they want him submissivethey want to force the same mistakes that they left us to [Mauricio] President Macri. Do not abandon our people as they abandoned us in 2015. As Fito sings [Páez]: do not hand over the popular militancy to those crows that haunt sinister ministries making a parody of the artist”, said Navarro.

Criticism of Máximo Kirchner and Sergio Massa

About the deputy and referent of La Cámpora, Maximo KirchnerNavarro also criticized that “he takes time to listen to proposals” and on his arrival at the Justicialist Party, he stated that “there is no more shouting and spitting in a room of the PJ taken after proscribing a fellow mayor as Ferdinand Gray”.

Then, he considered that based on the initiative proposed by Cristina Kirchner to recover the administration of the plans through the mayors, “let’s not get angry with fellow mayors. They gave up fighting more than a decade ago. The new barons of the suburbs are handsome with those who charge a Job Enhancement, but not so with trafficking, gambling or cartelized construction.

But he did target Massa and Scioli: “Two colleagues who rest in Nordelta (Sergio Massa and Daniel Scioli), they ate the municipal agenda of the handsome barons of the suburbs”.


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Very harsh letter from the son of “Chino” Navarro to Cristina Kirchner: “Emulates a progressive Vivi Canosa”