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After a long time the video game they are finally receiving decent adaptations to other media. Although there are already movies that have been well received, it seems that the success is more marked in the television series. Castlevania, League of Legends and Cyberpunk are a clear example of this.

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Now the Last of Us series is on the way, which is apparently a hit with critics, and one about God of War. That’s why we started thinking about some games that could be great inspiration material for a television production.

Dead Space could be an excellent series inspired by a video game

In addition to being one of the best survival horror, dead space it also gave us a very interesting futuristic world. A TV series that expands the mythology beyond Isaac Clarke’s Odysseys would have a lot of potential.. In addition to the fact that a lot is already written or presented in different comics and animated shorts.

Dead Space could inspire a great TV series
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A Dead Space series could delve into the life of the Ishimura before they found the marker. You could also delve into the religion of Unitology. Let’s not even talk about what a great show it could be when we follow Isaac Clarke trying to survive.

From the outset he could already have three seasons guaranteed. With each adapting a game from the trilogy and another couple to fill the gap between sequels. If they also decide to call John Carpenter to direct a few episodes, they could have a hit on their hands. Hopefully someone from Amazon, Netflix or HBO will read this article and get to work on it.

Battletoads would be welcome in a world where adult animation is all the rage

If you’ve played the latest Battletoads adventure, you probably know why we think they could use a TV series. The animated snippets of that title showed a lot of potential. Also, the cuphead show it already proved that an animated comedy series about a game could work very well.

Battletoads would be welcome in a world full of adult animated TV series.
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The Battletoads series could follow the same tone as its recent video game, with a bit more adult humor.. It could be something like Rick and Morty or Harley Quinn that was also a parody of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In this way they could attract edgy teenagers and the 30-something chavorrucos who are surely the ones who remember them the most.

Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption would be amazing video game-inspired TV series

The reason we put both games in one entry is because our reasons are very similar. Either one would serve to create a crime drama in the style breaking bad either The Wire. Of course, in the case of Red Dead Redemption it would be in the old west.

Each of these games has quite compelling stories, filled with different characters and content. It would only be enough to condense and make a faithful adaptation to have a guaranteed success. After all, in our opinion, these games are some of the best writing in the medium.

Red Dead Redemption 2 would look great on current consoles
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From Red Dead Redemption we could have two or three seasons of the fall of the Dutch gang and the tragedy of Arthur Morgan. Then another two seasons to follow John Marston, his return to the ring and his fateful end. As for Grand Theft Auto, they could adapt anything from the PS2 era or more recently. But what we would most like to see is an adaptation of Niko Bellic’s revenge story.

Final Fantasy could be the basis of a very long production

If we’re talking about video games that could provide a long-running TV series, then Square Enix has a great candidate. Final Fantasy has given us a collection of great stories across 15 games, 16 coming soon. Each of them could have their own season.

We even considered that Final Fantasy VII could spawn a series of about four seasons on its own. If you take everything from Before Crisis, Crisis Core, the original and Advent Children they have enough material to rival even game of Thrones.

Final Fantasy could give us several TV series on its own
Source: Square Enix

final fantasy He has already experimented a few times with the world of cinema. But we believe that a TV series would be a more appropriate place to exploit its potential. In our opinion, perhaps an animated series would work better to ‘bring to life’ its amazing worlds.

Resident Evil could give us one of the best TV series if they know how to explore it

We know that resident Evil already had a TV series on Netflix that failed. But we think this was because they broke away from gaming almost completely. In our opinion they have a formula for success, right in front of their noses, which they have not been able to take advantage of.

Imagine a series of resident Evil that focuses on the infection of Raccoon City, with an Outbreak-style approach. We could delve into the lives of different characters who must face the terrible zombies and the creatures of Umbrella.

Resident Evil would be perfect for a tv series with the right approach
Source: Capcom

Of course they shouldn’t leave out important players like Chris, Jill, Claire and Leon. But they should also expand with the rest of the survivors of the city. This could be done with a dark and mature series. Something similar to Fear The Walking Dead or the first episode of Chernobyl. When people are calm and their world turns upside down in one night.

If they then dare to explore things from Resident Evil 4 onwards, it could also work. But we think that focusing on those fateful nights in September 1998 would be a great success.. We just hope that the next adaptation is more faithful and doesn’t give us so many clones and superpowers.

What other game do you think would work as a TV series?

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Video games that would work as TV series | EarthGamer