Villacís’s paper after his cable collection with the PP: “Failed change of jacket”

Pick up cable, get a moon walkabort takeoff, fold the napkin or score a Villacís.

Either because he had met with the general coordinator of the PP and with Almeida, or because he assured that he valued being “an internal current of the PP” or whatever, it seems that people had the slight suspicion that Begoña Villacís was trying to go to the PP in the face of the uncertain future of Ciudadanos. Signs that are there and that suspicious people interpret.

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However, after trying and catching the signs of the PP that insinuated that with her she would not even collect an inheritance, the deputy mayor of Madrid has recoiled and in a press conference he said that he is not leaving the orange party and that he has “never” “moved” from it.


Ayuso could not have been more clear in her rejection when she said: “The best of Ciudadanos has already come with me”. What comes to be a whole cobra (Pablo Casado already knows what hurts).

To “inner current” the one who must have stayed within his party with the aborted operation.

The political movement of Begoña Villacís has had its pertinent Twitter analysis.

And it is that the PP of Madrid does not have time to get involved with other things. They are focused on improving the lives of citizens with the important things. While the Government entertains itself with minutiae such as raising pensions or minimum wages, Ayuso announces what really matters: bullfights on Telemadrid.

Villacís’s paper after his cable collection with the PP: “Failed change of jacket”