Violence against a baby and death threats against a bar owner, a convicted Alesian

Violent on a one-and-a-half-year-old girl and then threatening an Alesian bistro owner with death, the defendant was sentenced to 18 months in prison, 9 of which were suspended, without a warrant of committal.

From May 11, 2022, the defendant, dressed in red, will defend only one position. Tirelessly. “Don’t judge me on my past but on the facts! I never touched the little one”, assures the one who has been in prison since May 13.

The little ? It is a one and a half year old girl at the time of the events who is having fun in her stroller with the sunglasses of her mother’s recent colleague. before breaking them. A minor fact which will then lead to anger, insults, threats and then, finally, a forehead against forehead between the overexcited young man and the baby who will be found to have a hematoma after a medical examination.

“I’m not good about myself”

At this moment, the young mother, frightened, takes refuge in a bar near the abbey in Alès. The boss intervenes and then undergoes death threats and fire of his establishment. On Monday, the defendant appeared for death threats and violence against a minor under the age of 15 without incapacity and repeated threat of crime. All of this is a recurrence.

The president of the court Céline Simitian, after reading the criminal record of the defendant, 7 mentions, notes the persistence of a problem of addiction. At the reading of the blood alcohol level observed that day, 1.36 mg per liter of air, it points the way to the debate.

“Despite the help of the sentence enforcement judge (JAP), a psychiatrist, a doctor or even the prison integration and probation service (SPIP), why can’t you stop? From the psychiatric examination it is not noted deficiency but, it appears a disorder of the personality, an impulsivity which, in the event of consumption of alcohol and narcotics brings you so far. You have to stop everything.” “I’m not good about myself”, stammered in response the defendant whose mother will confide, by mail, her distress via the lawyer of the mis en cause Me Karim Derbal.

The victim “not in a spirit of revenge”

Opposite, Me Anaïs Farget, lawyer for the civil parties, underlines how much the victim is not “ in a spirit of revenge, but simply assumes her role as a mother who was afraid for her assaulted daughter. The character of the gesture is obvious. Monsieur is victimizing himself and that is why he is in permanent recidivism”.

At the helm, the mother of the family recognizes that it was not the boy she knew. “I would not have filed a complaint for the death threats or the insults but there he touched my daughter

The public prosecutor François Schneider supports in turn by evoking “a criminal record underpinned by alcohol and drugs. In the state where he was, anything is possible. He explodes saying of a baby that he will put her on the run!”

Requesting two years in prison, six months of which is suspended on probation, Me Karim Derbal, for the defense, takes the floor. “We always come to a point where the mixture leads to violent action. But the question is: is it the disorder that leads to addiction or the opposite. His problem is psychiatric and I am amazed by the reports that say: “Move along, nothing to see”. His behavior is irrational, you can clearly see the loss of control.”

The court sentences the defendant to 18 months in prison, including 9 months accompanied by a probationary suspension of two years. The defendant does not return to prison and will be subject to an obligation of care and the prohibition of any contact with the victim. The constitution of civil parties allows the latter to grant legal aid and orders the defendant to pay €1,500 for the moral and physical damage suffered.

Violence against a baby and death threats against a bar owner, a convicted Alesian