Viral TikTok: Halle Bailey reacts to Honduran parody of The Little Mermaid (VIDEO)

Being TikTok one of the social networks that lend themselves most to comedy through challenges and parodies, a user and his followers did not believe that one of the most mediatic actresses of the moment responded to a peculiar video in which part of the trailer of the new film is recreated live action “The little Mermaid”of Disney.

The user identified as @josethsanders shared a couple of days ago a video in which he is characterized as “Ariel”of “The little Mermaid”, using everyday items from her home and a red-haired film to portray the mythical sea nymph in her style created by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersonand taken up and caricatured by Disney in the 1989 animated film “The Little Mermaid”.

The video in question, which already exceeds 7.3 million views and accumulates more than a million reactions, takes brief fragments of the new song that the actress and singer Halle Bailey showed in the official advance of the film and in which she appears as the new version of “La little mermaid”.

Although during the first days that the video circulated on TikTok, users focused on various discussions about the controversy generated by racist comments towards Halle Bailey because of her skin color and “break” with the white aesthetic of the past visual adaptations of “Ariel”, Internet users never imagined that the same actress would react to the parody and would add to the more than 37 thousand comments that the video has triggered.

Although Halle Bailey did not write any point of view on the @josethsanders video, she reacted from her official and verified profile with a couple of emojis with smiley faces and a heart, causing this gesture to accumulate not only more than 49 thousand reactions by usersbut they celebrated that the actress, despite all the wave of negative comments she has received, is aware of social networks and understand the friendly humor that some fans have expressed towards the new version of “The little mermaid”.

“Wooow the actress answered you”, “She has Honduran humor”, “Ariel herself answered you”were some of the comments that Internet users gave to replicate Halle Bailey’s reaction, in addition to expressing that many of them are excited about the new live-action movie of “The Little Mermaid” and that she definitely deserves the opportunity to bet for new narratives and return to classic characters.

Although Halle Baile keeps her TikTok profile public, there are few videos that the actress has shared and in which she generally is shown singing and doing everyday activities in his personal environmenthowever, with only 17 videos published the new “Little Mermaid” adds more than a million followers and more than 8.5 million reactions.



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Viral TikTok: Halle Bailey reacts to Honduran parody of The Little Mermaid (VIDEO)