“We are already big”: this is how a new version of ‘Sálvame’ sounds after RBD’s reunion


A few months after the start of “Soy Rebelde Tour” and fans of the emblematic telenovela released in 2004 can sing live with Maite Perroni, Dulce María, Christian Chavez and Christopher Von Uckermann, a new version of success Save me It went viral on social media.

And it is that, The Three Sad Tigers they not only parodied the song in TikTok, Rather, they emulated Anahí’s emblematic pink hat, the orange ribbon that Dulce María had on her head, and the Uckermamm outfit.

In addition, they sang totally different verses in front of a background that simulated the Nevado de Toluca -site where the official video clip of the melody was originally recorded-.

In the renewed version, the influencers joked about the age of celebrities and they remarked that they were no longer so young like at the beginning of the century, when it was the boom of the band.

We are already very old and we enter the riopan very hard, without coffee I do not exist, we already have to take care of ourselves. We’re already screwed up, my knee hurts more, when it’s really cold I already look like my dad. We are already very old, the end has already arrived. Leave me in an asylum We are senior citizens, I am 85 to the mother, you look too much. It’s because I haven’t slept, don’t even laugh, you’re going there”, they can be heard singing.

In addition, in the description of the clips, they added: “If you are from the time of #RBD We have bad news for you… you are entering old age!! or maybe you resist going in…don’t feel alone, we’re all going there! @RBD_OficialMusica”.

Another part of the song says:

“I have heartburn and anxiety, we are all getting old, we use anti-aging creams. This is no longer the same, my back already hurts. One day it will happen to everyone and in fact those who sing in RBD are the same, we are almost the same age”.

The videos -because they placed the parody in parts- quickly exceeded 3 million views and Internet users were amused.

“I am from 92 and I already feel old, I can’t imagine you.” “Before I dressed as RBD and he looked at me super!… today if I do it he would look at me like the ones from the little school”. “Me watching this video, drinking coffee and bread.” “I’m not laughing because it’s clearly me at the concert”. “I already fell 20 I’m at that age of 30.” “Remembering when it was my time I’m already rucaaaaa”, are some of the mentions.

The last time RBD singing Save me It was during the wedding of Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar, which was prior to the announcement of the reunion, so it generated great emotion among the fans of the musical group.

This happened on October 9, 2022, when the protagonist of Triumph of Love got married after multiple rumors surrounding their relationship.

In this sense, during the wedding, it was surprising that some of the former members of Rebel They were present among the guests. Thus, from their social networks, anahí, Christian Chavez, Christopher Uckerman and the bride of the moment, Maite Perroni, shared the moment when they all hugged each other in a circle during the bridal party and gave each other a “dove”.

“Now the three girls are happily married and although in the case of the children things have not looked very good, it fills me with love that Maite is achieving her dream of truly falling in love and even getting married.” “This version of Rebel Y Save me It’s more than special It is not about work, about one more concert in the long list that there is and could be, but about something between four brothers who will unite these melodies for a lifetime”, were the reactions of the fans.

“We are already big”: this is how a new version of ‘Sálvame’ sounds after RBD’s reunion