“We have the right to laugh at everything provided we are respectful”: Max Marandet, a man from Champagne with a strong character

Max Marandet’s latest poster. (©Raymond Metra)

Well wedged behind his glasses the man has frank speech and raw skin. With a smile on your face, the fifties asserts his convictions. What may happen to him seems to be the least of his worries. If the mechanica used utility car specialist, embraces a cause, don’t expect him to change it at the slightest pretext. The threats, the glitcheshe knows.

Experience and keen intelligence lead him to paths of commitment. Once borrowed, they will become rails from which he will not depart. Of course he is known and its fame has long transcended regional borders. It does not owe it to the practice of social networks but to display that he practices Champagnoleon land belonging to him.

“As long as it gives me a certain pleasure I will continue”

Those who take the roundabout of Champagnole scrutinize billboards in the hope of discovering one last pearl, witness to this limitless commitment. This has become his specialty:

“As long as it gives me a certain pleasure and people continue to accompany me on this path of freedom of expression, I will continue. »

Do not look for a bias other than this will pegged to the depths of the defense of the earthen pot against the iron pot. Campaigns he will have carried out hated by some and approved by others. The scenario seems to repeat itself: an injustice and here he is a destroyer, an inconvenient will and here he is a spokesperson. So his posters they refine them having for relay “geniuses” he will admit. Mean by this that it takes ideas, design work, a printer…

The complaints filed against him don’t reach it. He uses humor in the name of a cause. It sometimes makes people cringe here and there, but you have to take the time to analyze before drawing a conclusion. “Do not stop at the first degree” repeats Max still determined.

“We have the right to laugh at everything provided we are respectful”.


The latest poster “du Max” has a your good different of the previous ones. The fires of this summer marked it. Moved, he once again set to work. So this ” Thanks “, displayed on a “3 by 4” panel, questions. Who pronounces this “Thank you” and in the direction of whom?

One more time the poster is in drawer and everyone will find their interpretation. The little girl in this poster she says thanks to the exhausted firefighter for fighting to put out the fire? On the contrary, isn’t the fireman to say thank you to this little girl who symbolizes the generation to come holding the key to the revival of the destroyed forest? In the end, isn’t it spectator who says thank youin the name of the people, to the firefighter as to the generation of reconstruction for what they are, for this voluntary work which honors its members and in the name of innocence?

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Everyone interprets in their own way and without doubt it is this aspect which makes the celebrity of this unusual action.

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“We have the right to laugh at everything provided we are respectful”: Max Marandet, a man from Champagne with a strong character