Wednesday (2022

Wednesday is the new series Netflix that comes to us from the hand of Tim Burton, Alfred Gough Y thousands thousand. It stars Jenna Ortega. With Catherine Zeta-Jones Y christina ricciwho interpreted the original Wednesday.

“I don’t know whose macabre idea it was to put hundreds of adolescents in centers without a budget”

Wednesday Addams

Well, that’s how our favorite girl starts from today. A series full of humor and with an admirable, exquisite and wonderful aesthetic.


After two failed assassination attempts, Wednesday Addams is sent to a boarding school where they have promised to assuage her troubles, but there is no institution in the world that can tame Wednesday.

Series Critique

It is totally “lovely”, full of humor and with a fantastic production. It has some “buts”, but you also have to be very “silly” not to enjoy this delicious series in which you enjoy each of Wednesday’s sentences, with a totally wonderful Jenna Ortega who fits the role as a piranha in swimming pool.

Jenna Ortega in Wednesday (2022)

The buts could be that, deep down, the series is total “stupidity”, a parody that, deep down, is just a bunch of jokes mixed with “retro” humor for adults and that, obviously, the characters They are not by Tim Burton and the story is not going anywhere.

But the series knows it, it is going to have fun and, above all, it is playing for the trick of artistic direction and in that aspect, it manages to defeat all that series of “buts” that end up interest us rather little in the face of occurrences of Wednesday and his psychological powers.

Wednesday (2022)

Catherine Zeta-Jones will not be Angelica Houston (who was terrific), but she’s very nice to Morticia Addams.

As for the story: it’s all a sort of Harry Potter parody where no one wants to get hurt badly and it’s a guilty pleasure for us forties who loved The Addams Family and are (hopefully) going to enjoy this one. series rejuvenating the premises and dyeing them with modern effects with a decidedly “retro” air.

Maintaining the essence, conserving the hits and rejuvenating the aesthetic, Wednesday manages to be quite an experience in its tone of stupid and inconsequentially wonderful parody.

Wednesday (2022)

Release date

November 23, 2022 (Wednesday, yes).

Where to watch Wednesday

In Netflix.

Episode List

Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe

Wednesday’s son is full of woe

When a deliciously perverse prank gets Wednesday expelled, her parents send her to Nevermore Academy, the boarding school where they fell in love.

Woe Is the Loneliest Number

loneliest number

The sheriff questions Wednesday about the strange events of the night. Later, Wednesday faces a fierce rival in the ruthless race for the Poe Cup.

Friend or Woe

friend or wretch

Wednesday stumbles upon a secret society. During Disclosure Day, Outcasts from Nevermore mingle with normals from Jericho on the Pilgrim World. Does anyone want dulce de leche?

Woe What a Night

oh what a night

Wednesday invites Xavier to the Rave’N dance, making Tyler jealous, but the Thing has something up his sleeve. Meanwhile, Eugene watches over the cave.

You Reap What You Woe

You pick up what you regret

During parents’ weekend, Wednesday digs into her family’s past, accidentally getting her father arrested. Enid feels the pressure to “get out of the wolf.”

Crux Pro Woe

Crux Pro Woe

Wednesday’s friends throw him a surprise birthday party. They mean well… but she prefers to mark the miserable occasion by solving the murders.

If You Don't Woe Me By Now

if you don’t wake me up now

Uncle Foul pays a visit and shares his theory about the monster. Wednesday he reluctantly agrees to a date with Tyler in Crackstone’s crypt.

A Murder of Woes

An upset murder

Wednesday gets in trouble with Principal Weems, but that’s just the beginning of his troubles. To fight an ancient evil, she will need the help of all of his friends.

Other Critics

“It nicely manages to push the story into something a little more adult, and a little more supernatural, but it never loses sight of the heart, the humor, and the wacky horror that has kept us all in double file for decades”

Arezou Amin: Collider

“Despite Ortega’s fantastic performance and Burton’s active participation, [ésta] it never quite captures what makes ‘The Addams Family’ so viscerally bizarre (…) However, it does get what makes a Netflix teen series work”

Caroline Framke: Variety


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Wednesday (2022)


Name: wednesday

Description: After two failed assassination attempts, Wednesday Addams is sent to a boarding school where they have promised to assuage her troubles, but there is no institution in the world that can tame Wednesday.


It draws so much attention for its production that sometimes it makes us forget about the rest. In addition, the lapidary and adolescent phrases of Wednesday will make the eight episodes of which the series consists of fly by.

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