What cameo was Charlize Theron offered before? Doctor Strange 2 or The Boys?

Charlize Theron opens up about her recent surprise cameos in superhero productions and her image in The Old Guard 2

Superhero fans have seen a lot lately of Charlize Theronthe Oscar-winning actress, as she has made two huge cameos in 2022 and, although they were very different, it seems that Marvel Studios Haven’t had a problem with it showing up. TheBoys.

Just in case you haven’t seen them yet and don’t know which characters he plays, we recommend that you stop reading right now because there’s going to be spoilers on all sides.

Based on the homonymous comic Garth Ennis Y David RobertsonThe Boys series by Amazon Prime Video is a satire of the superhero genre, often referencing both the UCM like to DCEU. For example, the third season of The Boys opens with an in-universe movie that serves as a parody of both the League of Justice like The Avengers. And in that scene we find Charlize Theron playing herself rolling Dawn of the Seven In the role of stormfront.

But a few weeks earlier, fans had been able to see the actress as Clea In one of the post-credit scenes Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The temporary coincidence of both cameos was pure chance, but which one was offered first? In an interview with THRTheron has clarified how she came to accept both participations and if the studios were aware of the other role.

In the interview, the actress confirms that, although she has seen each other later than the other, the first call she received was from the producer of The Boys. “I’m lovin ‘it seth roden and i love the whole team Point Gray. Obviously, we work together on long shot and we became fast friends. You know, we take care of each other, though if he called me and it was a series shit, I would not do it. But he doesn’t do those shoddy things. It was so much fun to go and do it.”

Something later came the filming of Clea, and Charlize Theron wanted to be very clear with the study. “When Kevin [Feige] asked me to join the world of Doctor StrangeI didn’t even know when I was going to shoot that at the time. The [papeles] they were so different that I almost forgot,” Theron said, adding that she certainly hasn’t reached her cameo limit because “I have kids to raise.” “But with complete transparency, I told them about it and they were very happy that people are interested in this worldWhether it’s a satire or not. I don’t know why these two superheroes can’t live in the same world.”

Therefore, it seems that the first contact was with Marvel, although the scene was filmed after the Amazon series and came to light first. It is curious that they were happy that the actress participated in another superhero production so close, given the usual exclusivity contracts in similar cases.

But these are not the only comic book adaptations in which Charlize Theron collaborates. Filming is currently beginning on the sequel to The old guardbased on the comic Greg Rucka Y Leandro Fernandezfor which Netflix has signed umma thurman Y Henry Golding. The South African didn’t talk much about this movie, but she did make reference to her new look. “We needed something that felt like time had passed, so for that, we thought we’d go for the classic mullet haircut,” she joked.

What cameo was Charlize Theron offered before? Doctor Strange 2 or The Boys?