What is Elon Musk up to with Twitter?

After buying Twitter for 44 billion dollars and having fired the half the staffMusk appears to be reaching out to dozens of employees who have lost their jobs asking if they can return.

Some, in fact, would only be fired For errorbefore management realized that their experience is critical to the company.

In response to Musk’s extreme decisions, some advertisers have withdrawn your investments on Twitter.

The suspension of advertisements

Elon Musk’s plan to revive Twitter is meeting i first hurdles. Several companies, in fact, have decided to suspend the advertisements until there is a complete vision of what the platform will look like under the leadership of the billionaire.

As reported by the Wall Street Journalcompanies including Pfizer, General Mills, Volkswagen, Mondelez International Inc., and Audi stopped advertising on Twitter following Musk’s takeover of the company.

The decision was made due to the concerns how content will be moderated. Automakers Ford and General Motors, for example, last week they declared that they no longer intend to buy advertising space on Twitter until the future of the platform is clear.

Donald Trump will be welcomed back on Twitter?

Last week Musk, via a open letter published on Twitter, promised that with him “Twitter would not become a hellscape free for all, where you can say anything without consequences.”

Musk said he wanted to buy Twitter “for the good of humanity” as a “digital marketplace where a wide range of beliefs can be discussed in a healthy way.” He further stated his he openness to the return to the platform of polarizing figures, such as the former president of the United States Donald Trump.

Twitter will create a board of “content moderation” which, according to Musk, will be a clearer process for allowing various users to return to the platform. The council will include “the civil rights community and groups facing hate-fueled violence.”


Musk has introduced a subscription service called TwitterBlue, to have the “blue tick” of recognition. The subscription will cost 8 dollars per month and will serve to cover the economic losses of the platform.

All this, however, has raised many criticisms. To be able to cover the company’s debts, approx 10.4 million of users should purchase the new subscription. We speak, therefore, of 25 times more than the 400 thousand accounts with the “blue ticks”.

The billionaire informs that “each change of name will temporarily cause the loss of the blue check without warning”. Any «impersonation where the word “parody” is not specified will be suspended». This method of verification, according to Musk, “will make journalism more democratic and give more power to the voice of the people”.

Escape from Twitter

The new era of Twitter doesn’t convince all users, so they are looking for each other alternative solutions.

Lots of people head to Mastodonwhich has existed since 2016 but which has recorded significant growth in recent weeks. It’s similar to Twitter, but there are no subscriptions or annoying ads. All thanks to crowdfunding.

In its Italian version, Mastodon is the largest microblogging network free, open-source And decentralized of all the world. In simpler terms it is like Twitter, but it is self-managed by the users themselves.

It is part of fediversei.e. an international community that is made up of more than 5 million of subscribers that are distributed on 12,000 servers independent. Their goal is to put social media directly into the hands of users.

Unlike traditional social media, it’s open source, doesn’t collect subscriber data, and has no secret algorithms or ads that dictate what you see. A tweet about Mastodon goes by the name of tootand provides for a maximum of 500 characters.

Imitation for satirical purposes

From now on, according to Musk’s new decisions, imitate another person on the platform without specifying whether it is one parody it will be absolutely forbidden. In protest, several blue-checked users began tweeting pretending to be Musk. The result? Users banned from the social network.

Several people are noticing theinconsistency of the billionaire. The journalist Judd Legumfor example, pointed out that the US Supreme Court ruled in 1988 on imitation for satirical purposes, as protected by the First amendment of the Constitution.

Writes Legum: «He can make up all the rules he wants since this is his website, but parody is protected under the first amendment, whether or not it is labeled a parody».

Even Meta is not joking

According to Wall Street Journalalso Half it is preparing to lay off a large part of its staff. This is the company’s largest downsizing in 18 years of activity.

During the pandemic Meta has hired many people, but now it suffers the competition of other apps like TikTok or Apple’s stop tracking.

The cut will be smaller than what Twitter will make, but the number of Meta employees who will lose their jobs will be the biggest never achieved by a technology company. Mark Zuckerberg said the company “will focus its investments on a limited number of high-priority growth areas.”

Some teams “will grow significantly, but most other teams will stay put or shrink over the next year.” At the end of June, Zuckerberg had already told his employees that “there are a few people in the company who shouldn’t be here”.

During the pandemic Meta hired a lot of people: in 2021 more than 27,000 and in the first nine months of this year another 15,344. However, Meta’s shares are down this year over 70%.



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