Who will be voted best talent in the Pays de Meaux?

Who will be crowned the best talent in the Pays de Meaux?
Who will be crowned the best talent in the Pays de Meaux? ©Pixabay

They will be 17 on the stage of the Colosseum in MeauxSaturday February 4, 2023. 17 to give their best to win thefirst prize in the competition “The Pays de Meaux has incredible talent”, organized by the Rotary Club of Meaux.

Singer, dancer, sportsman, comedian, historian… in the end, only one will remain.


At 22, she is passionate about singing since childhood and hopes to be able to live her dream. She explains that the song “runs through her veins”.


Chantsign mixes dance and sign language and allows the deaf and hard of hearing to understand music and feel its effects. Alice discovered sign language 2 years ago and Chantsigne represents a form of poetic and artistic expression. Sébastien, an active member of the association Signes et Paroles, participates in numerous projects and helps with communication. Sidney, a student at the Choreia dance school, has been dancing since she was 4 years old and dreams of teaching this discipline. She practices sign language.

William and Edward

These two young singers and musicians, aged 13 and 11, are brothers. Born in Meaux, they grew up in London, where they were choristers at the Westminster Cathedral Choir School and then at Les Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de bois. William plays the trumpet and Edward the violin.


At 14, Aïda lives for her passion for singing. Shy, the young girl found in the song a way to affirm myself and to convey her emotions.

Pascal David

Great athlete, several times medalist, Pascal David practices Lao Ch’i and is a 6th dan teacher. He will introduce Sium Lam Ji (the young forest), an ancient martial art. He chained national and international titles with the French team of Kung Fu Wushu, Chinese boxing.

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Passionate about dance classic, the 13-year-old girl has been practicing this discipline since the age of 4. She also practices jazz, contemporary and character dance and has integrated a study class.


Célestin is proof that you can have a visual impairment and play the guitar with talent. He has been playing this instrument since the age of 6. He will offer an interpretation of a waltz by Augustin Barrios, a modern Paraguayan composer.


At 13, Joana has a real passion for dance classical, which she has been practicing since she was 5 years old, but also for modern jazz and contemporary dance.

cheerleading eagles

the cheerleading became popular in American universities around American football teams. They are 8 on stage and form the new brand image of this acrobatic sport which has become an Olympic discipline. Last June, the club was crowned champion of France, Elite category.

Benoît Casaer

Conferral guide since November 2018, he is also the author of several books on the history of motor racing. He also intervenes as a lecturer on subjects such as Tutankhamun, the history of Brie de Meaux or even Notre-Dame de Paris, Notre-Dame Saint-Etienne, two crossed destinies. His talent: knowing by heart all the dates of the reigns of the Capetian kings and the kings of France up to modern times.


Aged 15, Ninon used pointe shoes and slippers on the parquet floors of the schools of dance, on the stages of shows and during competitions. She dreams of making it her job later.


Chloe, 11, likes to sing. Born in France, Chloé grew up in Dubai, before returning 2 years ago.

Don’t eat your sister

Part of the group Do not eat your sister and the group Slay offer you the merger of their two groups to share their love for music and have fun with the public.

Fanstatik Armada school

FA school is the new generation of Fantastik Armada, it’s kind of the training school breakdance. She was notably elected best show in France at the battle of the year France in 2017.

Bernard Mesnil

He will present a jazz band composed of 10 musicians. Based in Seine-et-Marne for many years, Bernard Mesnil has accompanied hundreds of musicians in almost as many concerts.

Among the candidates, there are also two other candidates: Redouane Behache, a young comedian and a duo of trumpeters who will impress the public.

Saturday February 4, 2023 from 8:30 p.m. at the Colisée de Meaux. €5. All profits will be donated to charity: the Red Cross for the purchase of a baby-size dummy for first aid lessons; a wheelchair suitable for disabled basketball or at the Meaux hospital. Information: 07 83 56 24 08; [email protected] ; www.rotary-meaux.com

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Who will be voted best talent in the Pays de Meaux?