Why is Choguel no longer in verve? – Malijet

Is the Prime Minister of Transition, Dr. Choguel Kokalla Maïga energetically and institutionally blunted in his functions since his return to the Prime Minister? Signs suggest it.

Since his return from forced medical leave to resume his duties at the head of the Transitional Government, the Prime Minister, Dr. Choguel Kokalla Maïga is less visible and less sharp in the upper sphere of the State.

Indeed, before his forced medical rest, the head of government said of the rectification was very sharp in his positions. He did not hesitate to put each other in their place under the argument that Mali had no lesson to learn from any country, partner or leader. This is how Choguel Maïga, a fine orator before the Eternal and former spokesperson for a government under the late President IBK, was heard too regularly, to the point, it is said, of hurting the ease the President of the Transition, whose discretion is known and the rarity of speaking seemed rather intriguing.

The tenant of the prime minister did not hesitate to hold various publicized meetings to debit his diatribes against various partner countries, whose representatives all found themselves embarrassed and visibly disturbed by the remarks of the host. Is it to the point that various ambassadors and diplomatic representatives were no longer comfortable participating in working sessions chaired by the head of the transitional government? And one of these personalities from the diplomatic world (member of the European Union) to launch a day that it is not easy to work in sincere partnership with Mali, given the speeches of the Prime Minister.

But, with the return to office of the head of government for almost three months, the prolixity of the man has dropped a notch and his “natural” inclinations to diatribes seem to be extinguished. Some believe that the Head of State had to instruct his Prime Minister to be less audible, after having flanked him by a real Prime Minister bis, the Minister of State in charge of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, interim head of government during the period of illness of Dr Choguel Maïga.

In addition, the many criticisms relating to the “dividing” character of PM Choguel must have weighed in his new position, where he seems to impose greater restraint. The political grouping of the Framework for a Return to Constitutional Order had, at one point, called for his departure from the prime minister’s office in order to replace him with a “neutral” head of government. Crises of alerts that Dr Choguel Kokalla Maïga certainly did not appreciate. Especially since these calls almost delayed his return to office a little more, President Assimi Goïta wanting to bring together his interlocutors from the political class. How can it be otherwise when the country is approaching electoral deadlines and where the calls for the sacred union of Malians are becoming more and more insistent. Didn’t Choguel note with interest the dubbing of which his interim, Colonel Abdoulaye Maïga was the subject to his detriment? Nothing is less sure ! Not to mention that Dr Choguel Kokalla Maïga is aware of the disavowal of which he is the object within his political movement of cooptation to the prime minister, the M5-RFP, of which a branch, the M5-RFP Malikua, sulks him and pushes him to leave the head of the famous “strategic committee” of the movement. A weakening that does not necessarily plead for the continuation of his communicational one man show. We bet that this readjustment of Choguel Kokalla Maïga II can help restore confidence in the perspective of the next elections.


Source: Mali Tribune

Why is Choguel no longer in verve? – Malijet