With a new function musical political parody show

Following the success of two sold-out performances, the musical political parody of wilda rodriguez has opened a third and final function in the Monero Cafe Theater and Bar Caguas Fine Arts Center on Thursday, September 15 at 8:00 p.m.

“Wilda Rodríguez surprised everyone with a show of more than two hours of political parody that covered practically all popular musical genres and packed the café theater in its two performances,” he said. Carlos Esteban Fonsecamanager of Moneró Café Teatro y Bar, to announce that only a third and final function will open – due to commitments to attend to the parodist’s health.

With his voice, Rodríguez caricatures current events and the Puerto Rican political class in parodies that touch on the hottest topics, from LUMA to FBI arrests. But he also touches on profound themes such as femicide, racism and the Puerto Rican left.

The journalist, who has cultivated the art of musical parody for decades, works what she calls “fat parody”, a style that goes beyond the burlesque message and falls into the category of protest parody.

Wilda Rodríguez presented her show to a full house last weekend at the Moneró Café Theater and Bar of the Center for Fine Arts in Caguas. (Supplied)

The show has been titled “Up to the tits!” to commemorate that Rodríguez has overcome breast cancer, COVID-19, hurricanes and earthquakes until reaching the age of 76 this September. The distribution of a songbook with the lyrics of the skits allows the public to join the show.

Rodríguez performs with four renowned musicians from Ponce, the teachers Modesto Delgado on piano and guitar, José “Pucho” Ruiz on trumpet, Erick Pérez on percussion and Tony “Masucamba” Martínez on bass.

Wilda Rodríguez has been writing political parodies since the 1970s after the death of her good friend and colleague Eddie López, creator of gamma rays at the end of the 1960s together with Horacio Olivo, Silverio Pérez and Jacobo Morales. He came to collaborate with that group, highlighting his parodies for Los Rayos Gamma in New York.

He has written parody, comedy, and even political satire for others and for his own performance. He has been a writer for comedians such as Awilda Carbia and Lizmarie Quintana. his theatrical piece NPI Congress (No fucking idea), a vaudeville about the political activism of a group of prostitutes, was a box office hit at the now defunct Pier 10 in 1999. His musical parody Thunder and lightning (2011) filled the Festival Hall of the Santurce Fine Arts Center to capacity; the Tropicoro Club of the San Juan Hotel, the La Perla Theater in Ponce and the Yagüez Theater in Mayagüez.

As a journalist, in her most serious facet, Wilda Rodríguez has a respectable career that has always been linked to her activism for democracy and Puerto Rican journalism. She was president of the Association of Journalists of Puerto Rico, Information Chief of El Nuevo Día, and news director of Radio WADO in New York, among others. She is distinguished as an analyst, columnist and strategist in political communication. She is also a writer of novels and academic essays on her craft.

He currently maintains a radio political analysis on Mondays in Ponce’s WPAB and a weekly section – Wilda’s little school – in the program La Movida on Mega TV.

With a new function musical political parody show