Woman dressed up as Shakira in the video for ‘Monotonia’ and the singer showed off the photo on her social networks

Shakira, Colombian singer. Photo: Instagram @shakira

It’s Halloween season and everyone shows off their best costume for this time, whether it’s about famous characters from series, movies, singers, among others. In the case of Shakira, The artist from Barranquilla has not realized that she has dressed up for this year’s celebration, however, from her social networks she wanted to show off the look of a mother of a schoolmate from Milan, her eldest son, since the woman disguised nothing more and nothing less than her.

Thus, Last Friday, October 28, the Colombian singer shared a photograph of the woman in question, whose costume was focused on the outfit that Shakira wore in ‘Monotonia‘, his most recent music video. The song was released on October 19 and was a collaboration with Ozuna, an urban singer from Puerto Rico. Although it was expected that his theme, given that it was a joint work with a reggaeton player, would be precisely that: a reggaeton, it actually turned out to be a bachata.

“A mom from the Milan school”, was written by the interpreter of ‘Inevitable’ in the caption of the publication. In addition to the woman wearing flared pants and the kind of kimono that the Barranquilla woman wore in her video, she also simulated the hole in the middle of her chest, held a supermarket basket in her right hand and in the left the her heart; just as the singer did in her video clip.

Here what is shared by the Colombian singer:

A woman dressed up as Shakira in the video for
A woman dressed up as Shakira in the video for “Monotonia” and the singer showed off the photo on her social networks. Photo: Instagram @shakira

It is worth mentioning that ‘Monotonia’ is a song dedicated to broken hearts, therefore, in her music video the also interpreter of ‘Sale el sol’ acts as a hurt woman, whom someone hurt to the point of snatching her heart and, therefore, she carried it in her hand until she found a strong box where she could keep it and keep it safe.

In view of her recent separation from Gerard Piqué, a Spanish soccer player, there are those who have interpreted that Shakira could have been inspired by her ex-partner to make this musical release. It is worth remembering that the singer and the athlete were together for twelve years, during this time they had two children, their firstborn -Milan- was born in 2013, while Sasha was born in 2015.

As mentioned, in mid-October Shakira delivered this new song to her fans, in which she sings phrases like:

It wasn’t your fault or mine, it was the monotony’s fault. I never said anything, but it hurt me, I knew this would happen. You in your thing and doing the same, always looking for prominence. You forgot what one day we were… Suddenly you were no longer the same, you left me because of your narcissism…”

In addition to the compliments that the subject has received, there have been no lack of parodies in this regard. In fact, one went viral on social media, which was originally It was shared on the official Instagram profile of El Flow de Miami. In this way, from said account a video was published in which two women interpret “The true version of Monotonía”, as they wrote on one of the images of the clip. Here is the full parody video:

Monotonía, Shakira’s new song, already has a parody full of phrases against Gerard Piqué


Woman dressed up as Shakira in the video for ‘Monotonia’ and the singer showed off the photo on her social networks