“Women should be able to go down the street without fear of being treated as if they were in the Congress of Deputies”

The dearest day has arrived!

Plus black friday. Now yes, good offers.

How much money are you going to spend?

It is that these months there are many expenses and you have to tie your belt.

But nothing better in quality-price than the laughs that Twitter users give us and that we bring you every week in Tremending Topic. No one like them to humorously uncover hidden realities.

Before we start, everyone stand still. We already have the news of the week, the month and the year.

Never say I won’t drink this water, nor has this priest made a sadomasochistic threesome. Contradictions that one finds in life.

And today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The Equality campaign has raised some blisters, for whatever reason.

Some like Pablo Motos have been taken for granted and have complained.

Surely they like the campaign of the Xunta de Galicia more, pointing to the behavior or clothing of women. Much better message, of course. Who would think of going for a run in tights…

And this week the political embarrassment has exceeded unsuspected limits. We are talking about the furious verbal attack of the ultra deputy Carla Toscano to the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero.

Among other outrages, Toscano assured that the minister’s “sole merit” has been “studying Pablo Iglesias in depth.” It is no longer necessary to go to a drunken bar to hear according to what things.

We have a video summarizing his words.

No one could suspect this of the educated and restrained people of Vox.

Then another of his classmates came out shouting about “left-handedness” and highlighting the “manliness” of his partner. If they make the jokes themselves.

They are thrown into the mountains. Surely his fall in the polls and internal battles have nothing to do with it.

What a shame…

The PP has tried to break away from the attack with its usual balancing act to try not to appear so attractive but not to renounce the votes of the attractive. That has already been tried by Ciudadanos and it did not go very well.

And Feijóo while doing his thing, looking for those of Podemos in the Senate …

And the World Cup in Qatar continues. Many goals and few human rights.

And also some protest gestures that have been able to slip through.

Some have refused to participate in the matter but others have not.

We have some images.

In sports, Spain thrashed Costa Rica with seven goals to nil.

For its part, Japan beat Germany.

And then there is the defeat of Argentina, but that is another story…


“Women should be able to go down the street without fear of being treated as if they were in the Congress of Deputies”