Word to. Pays de la Loire. A watchword: “sobriety”, for the President of the Region

“The worrying context that we are going through commands the sense of responsibility and the most great clarity possible. The Region, which has successfully supported the recovery plan the most of the Regions of Francecan no longer prolong a logic of “what whatever the cost” that its finances – like those of any community – cannot not bear. It’s time for sobriety: energy sobriety obviously, but also budgetary sobriety. The Regional Council will adopt, at the end of October, a sobriety planwhich will illustrate the numerous regional actions already underway (the environmental quality of our new high schools, the go consequent 50% of the works consecrated at the renovation energy of our establishments…), but also the concrete innovations that we wish to bring (an LED plan in high schools, the “retrofit” of our school buses, etc.) to meet this dual challenge: spend the winter and reduce our carbon footprint over the long term.

Sobriety is a principle that the community first wants to impose on itself. We have in the matter a duty to set an example which we intend to fully assume. Energy sobriety. And budgetary sobriety : after having voted the 2 highest budgets of the story of the community, in order to of answer to challenges exceptional of the pandemic, we bring back in 2023 our expenses at the level they were before 2020 – a level that positioned us among the best managed regions in France.

This effort is all the more important – even more difficult! – that it is part of the context of inflation and skyrocketing energy costs, including the impact on regional budgets is absolutely considerable (we estimate it at 60 million euros next year…). We will therefore have to to make choicesincluding if they are difficult – we decide, already, to increase the tax levied on vehicle registration documents – in order to be able to finance our priorities of mandate: employment, ecology and youthand of support our policies the hardest affected by the energy crisisand I am obviously thinking first and foremost of our high schools. Last week I received the principals of public high schools, and I wanted to reassure them: the region will meet the crisis. The operating allocation of establishments will be increased of 3 million euros next year (after an “energy” aid of 3 million euros already released in 2022), them actions educational Loire Valley will be maintained whatever have could to claim some… – and the autonomy credits paid to establishments will remain at the level of those of 2022. And of course, the Region will continue its digital policy: 50,000 computers will be distributed to pupils of 2nde at the start of the 2023 school year. To be able to do more where it is necessary, it will be necessary to do less where it is not.. This logic inspires the ongoing preparation of the 2023 budget, which will be voted on in December, and which will mark, in the unprecedented context that we are going through, a strong act of the term of office. »

Word to. Pays de la Loire. A watchword: “sobriety”, for the President of the Region – Saumur Kiosque