Words from the pro: 5 tips to prioritize the well

Published on November 29, 2022 at 2:30 p.m.

Words from the pro: 5 tips to prioritize the well-being of your employees – ©Lorena Fotografia

Caroline Thelier, vice president of PayPal Southern Europe, explains how the online payment company has made the well-being of its employees a priority. Her five tips for doing so.

Break taboos

“The important thing is to offer support solutions in case of hard knocks, whether they are work-related or not. It is essential to encourage dialogue among employees. Let them feel free to speak up, to share their experiences. This allows you not to feel left to yourself. This can take the form of discussion groups, professionals on hand…”

Value the time spent outdoors

“It is also important to recognize the benefits of outdoor and sporting activities outside of working hours. Employees can be encouraged to enroll in yoga class or singing by allowing them to benefit from advantageous rates. It’s also crucial to give them flexibility, in complete confidence, without them feeling judged if they have to leave early to deal with an unexpected event, such as picking up their children from school. »

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Dare strong actions

“At PayPal, we have set up a sabbatical leave: every five years, our employees benefit from a month to rest, travel, invest in a personal project… We also have many internal associations to which our employees can join. They can learn about questions women’s rights or minorities in the world, talking about disabilities… This makes our employees understand that personal commitment to societal causes is important to us. We have to show that we believe in them, in the wealth they can acquire on projects that affect them. »

Choose your teams well

“To maintain this rich and benevolent state of mind, it is better to hire people who share these values. Rather than focusing solely on the skills and performance of the person you recruit, you can favor profiles that correspond to the culture you want to establish by asking yourself: will they embrace this way of life? ? What will they bring to the team? Is pro-life balance important for these individuals? Finding competent people is as important as finding people you can relate to. »

Lead by example

“You can’t tell your employees to enjoy their weekend if you don’t do it yourself. Nor can we speak of a professional and personal balance if we regularly send emails on Sundays or close our files on Saturdays. Managers must embody this mindset. It’s good to have models, visible figures that show that you can put your phone down on weekends and that it’s a good idea to take a “wellness day”: every six weeks or so, our employees have a day to rest. And if they don’t necessarily dare to take the plunge, it’s up to us, as managers, to lead by example. »

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Words from the pro: 5 tips to prioritize the well-being of your employees – Elle Active