Xavi demands humility and Bill Clinton, chastity

Good morning friends. Today is Tuesday and thirteen, but calm down the superstitious because today Madrid is not playing the Champions League, which will be tomorrow, but Atlético de Madrid and FC Barcelona. On its cover, Mundo Deportivo says that Cholo’s men have serious doubts about Oblak, and does not report that Griezmann will take the field in the 63rd minute because it is a truth known to all, in the same way that it is known that Vinícius is a phenomenon, but he is to blame for being kicked – or racist insults – with the permissiveness of referees and sports establishments because who can think of being so good and not showing false modesty.

But the Pilgrim Pearl on the frontispiece of the newspaper of Godó, Spain’s great, is the end of the following sentence: “With the Pole (Lewandowski) today Blaugrana, the team arrives on a roll but Xavi demands humility”.

Xavi demands humility. It is as if Bill Clinton demanded chastity.

At this point we interpret Tuesday and thirteeninstead of in the key of bad luck, in a comical sense, remembering Josema Yuste and Millán Salcedo.

Humility, fine. Let’s remember, for example, the day of his presentation with a Laporta who seemed to have just arrived from an after party: “We are the best team in the world and demand is required. Here it is only worth winning”. We can see it on the cover of Sport that day.

sports cover

The best team in the world. In addition to the fact that the statement is not humble at all, it is a lie. That is, a lack of humility adds a lack of sincerity. One can say that it is the best when it is true, so Real Madrid can do it without problems, because it is measurable, one can go to a database, count “copasduropa” and other important trophies and reach that conclusion. In the same way that it is irrefutable that Paco Gento is the footballer who has won the most European Cups, one more than Barça in its entire history, by the way.

Nor is it true what he said that it is only worth winning. Xavi’s mouth fills up one day and another that the important thing is the style. Then the facts show that this is not the case, but we have already seen that Xavi and the truth do not have a very close relationship. So much so, that he has no qualms about excessively praising the benefits of the semi-slave regime in Qatar. “Who pays mana”.

Let us also remember the humble cover of Mundo Deportivo on that day of his presentation as a Blaugrana coach:

Sports World Cover

Xavi Superstar. They did not put Jesus Christ because it was too much even for them, but they lacked little.

We can only add what Orwell said, that true totalitarianism looks exactly like a parody of itself.

sports cover

Tonight we will see if Barça stops losing against Bayern, but whatever happens, what is not going to change is history, as Sport states on its cover. History is already written there forever with its eights and twos.

Both As and Marca dedicate their covers to Carlos Alcaraz, who deserves it, without a doubt. Youngest number one in history and a potential that scares. Of him it can be affirmed that right now he is the best in the world, because there is an official data that supports it (do you understand, Xavi?).

Cover Ace Cover Brand

We do not see anything on the front pages that mentions the hunt and capture that Vinícius suffers in each game. It must be that, as has become usual, for the newspapers it is not news. Against Mallorca, in addition to hitting sticks of all colors, he had to endure listening to Aguirre tell his pupils to hit him. But nothing happens here, the bad guy is Vini, you know, he’s a provocateur.

It’s nothing new, remember when he played for Castilla and Alberto Rodríguez “Tachi”, captain of the Atlético subsidiary, bit him on the head. The play was resolved with a yellow card for both, who could think of letting himself be bitten, the referee must have thought, and the footballer (or taster, who knows) from Atleti was not expelled.

Little portable presence also has a fact that is of capital importance for the independence and future of a club: Madrid returns to profit this year. Only Marca dedicates a small stamp that reads: “Madrid has 425 million in cash”, but no newspaper mentions that it is the only club that chains the three years affected by the pandemic with benefits.

Have a good day and be careful with the humble.

Xavi demands humility and Bill Clinton, chastity