Yina Calderón reacted to a parody of her song made by three men: “Let’s do the renewal”

The cover in guaracha and video clip that the woman from Huila made of the classic vallenato has generated controversy among the public

In days gone by, the Colombian content creator and entrepreneur Yina Calderon caused controversy by releasing a new song. On November 10, the former star of our television presented the controversial video of her version in guaracha of her de ‘How the cold hurts’, a vallenato classic which is originally heard in the voice of José Luis Carrascal.

Much criticism rained down in the comments of the official video of the song, which the woman recorded in the zone of tolerance of Bogota. However, other people have gracefully taken the video and turned it into a viral meme. In fact, in TikTok one went viral parody that three men performed to Calderón’s guaracha.

The Official Panas‘ is a profile in which three men make funny videos for the short video platform and quickly, their parody of the song from Yina Calderon It reached more than 400,000 views and reached the DJ herself, who applauded the video.

Disguised as women, dressed like the models in the official video -that is, with lingerie- three men interpreted the guaracha by Yina Calderón. One of them even represented the controversial businesswoman for the sale of plaster girdles, placing several balloons on her chest and on her buttocks to simulate her body, in addition to putting on a wig.

See here the parody of the guaracha by Yina Calderón:

Three men made a funny video with the guaracha version of ‘How the cold hurts’ by Yina Calderón and they went viral

The comments of this video were highlighted by the people who saw it very funny, but also by the critics of the Dj de guaracha, who did not miss an opportunity to criticize her and for that reason they described the parody as “better than original”. “10 out of 10 was better than the other”; “I like this one better, at least Yina’s one makes you laugh, it doesn’t even make you angry”; “I prefer the parody”, were some of the comments.

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On the video platform, said parody became so popular that it reached the same Yina Calderon, who despite criticism of her in the comments, reacted positively. The guaracha DJ expressed that she liked her video very much and even offered the protagonists to do a version of the song with her.

“HAHAHAHAHA Let’s do the renewal, a Feat hahaha AMOOOOO”, wrote the artist from her official account. To this the content creators pointed out, “Where do you have to record? who said fear? LOL”.

The influencer reacted positively to the men's parody video
The influencer reacted positively to the men’s parody video

In another comment, one person defended Calderon of the criticism and pointed out that the businesswoman is original and should not be criticized for it. “Hahaha what a sin with Yina, let’s let her be happy. She is unique and true, I love my Yina very muchblessings for her, successes ”.

Faced with this comment, the same creators of the parody responded by agreeing, pointing out that despite the bad comments, the influencer had been kind to them and had even reacted favorably to their video. “I confess to you, that woman is berraca, In the comments they have thrown a lot of hate at her, even so, she commented and left us good energy”.

About the official video of the version in guaracha of “How the cold hurts”, the Huilense commented in those days from her social networks: “I love this vallenato, which is authored by Wilfran Castillo, a great Colombian composer. I wanted to clarify it, it’s a cover like many covers that many performers do on YouTube, which turned out very well for us because we put an incredible track on it; but it is authored by Wilfran Castillo and the one who sings and interprets it in vallenato is someone else. I’ve been following this song for a long time and I wanted to do the cover”.


Yina Calderón reacted to a parody of her song made by three men: “Let’s do the renewal”