You will die of laughter with the parody that the Cuban Lola Mento does to Shakira and Bizarrap

The Cuban youtuber known as “Lola Mento” causes a sensation on social networks with her parody of the new hit by Shakira and Bizarrap.

In recent days, there has been no talk on social networks of anything other than Shakira’s most recent success, Music Sessions #53. This, above all, due to the controversy that has unleashed with the content of the subject and the evident relationship of her with the separation of her from the Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué.

However, while some discuss whether or not Shakira did wrong with this issue, people like the Cuban Lola Mento have taken the comic side out of her. In this way, a few days after the release of the song, the influencer released a fabulous parody that has made all Cubans laugh.

As a result, on her social networks and on YouTube, the Antilles replicated the musical success, but making some fun Cuban adaptations. Likewise, the artist of social networks highlighted the main qualities of her character, characterized by being quite colloquial and witty.


In the first place, we see the Cuban youtuber trying to imitate the video of Shakira and Bizarrap, but preserving the best style of Lola Mento. This is how we see her wearing the popular pins in her hair, her thick black eyebrows, recreating her popular clip from her backyard.

The scenery, the funny gestures of the Cuban woman and even the Bizarrap imitator gave this parody a spectacular touch. However, she managed to steal the show with the lyrics that she added to the catchy melody, full of colloquial phrases and also quite Creole.

“Sorry, I already took another truck… so much so that you gave it to yourself as a machón and when you needed yourself, you were a trunk of a sucker”, indicates the first part of the subject, continuing with hilarious expressions.

Popularity of Lola Mento grows with Cuban parody of Shakira

As a result of the launch of the Cuban parody of Shakira’s musical success, Lola Mento’s popularity on social networks has been on the rise. Although it is true that before this the young woman enjoyed some popularity among Cubans, after this publication she achieved greater reach.

It should also be noted that, until now, many people were unaware of the young woman’s work through her character. Therefore, it aroused interest among the West Indians to learn more about the peculiar Lola, as well as the artist behind the character.

First of all, this unique Cuban Shakira impersonator is better known as Lola Mento, but her real name is Danay Cruz Estupiñán. She is an actress and comedian from Holguín, who from her youth stood out for her fabulous acting skills, and her great sense of humor.

In this way, at only fifteen years old he was already doing his first acting studies at the Bayamo Professional School of Art (EPA). In addition, he has participated in various theater and television productions, performing roles that have allowed him to mature as an artist.

Finally, and after the boom in social networks, he began to develop a very nice and humorous character who has managed to earn a place among the Antilleans. This is how Lola Mento, “La Guasimita”, was born, who before having Shakira as her inspiration was born from the Cuban roots from Holguín.

“There are a lot of my hometown, fetch us, in the Guasimita created by Lola”, Danay has expressed when talking about her character. “Guasimita exists, and it also belongs to the province of Holguín; my maternal grandparents were from there. I have never gone. However, I have been inspired by my roots and my people to create this whole world that surrounds the character, ”he adds.

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You will die of laughter with the parody that the Cuban Lola Mento does to Shakira and Bizarrap