Youtubers will be able to earn money more easily

News good plan Youtubers will be able to earn money more easily

With the arrival of Creator Music, Youtube will finally make it easier to use music in videos!

For quite some time, Youtubers have been complaining about a recurring and extremely annoying problem: the rights holders are all-powerful. If a video contains copyrighted music, regardless of duration or usage, it is demonetized, striked, and/or monetized entirely by whoever claimed it.

Youtube being an American company, it does not necessarily pay attention to the French right to parody or even to the right to a brief quotation of a critical, polemical, educational, scientific or informative nature.

But all that will perhaps start to change soon to everyone’s advantage thanks to the Creator Music program which will allow content creators to buy a music license and thus not fear demonetization!

Music management is finally evolving on Youtube

Currently being tested in the US, Creator Music is coming to YouTube Studio and will finally allow creators easy access to a large catalog of popular music. The offer is designed to offer ever more music, all at an “affordable” price according to Youtube.

If we do not yet have all the information on this subject, such as the final price of the music and the exact conditions of use, it is however a considerable advance which is brought here and which will finally be able to allow Youtubers to be quiet on the use of music without risking summary demonetization on the part of Youtube.

  • Videos created using this music will be monetized normally, as if there was no music on it.
Youtubers will be able to earn money more easily

Everyone stands to gain from this system, provided that it adapts well to the needs of creators and the music industry. It is all the more interesting that it will also be possible not to buy a license and to use the music by sharing the income between the creator and the rights holders.

  • According to Billboard, the split would be 27.5% for the creator and 275% for the rights holders. The remaining 45% being the normal Youtube share. Moreover, the majority of music would currently be available at a price varying between 0 (free) and $4.99.

It will therefore no longer be a question of losing all the monetization of a video from here almost everywhere in the world. Indeed, Creator Music will gradually arrive in new countries from 2023.

Partner program update and new opportunities with Shorts

Youtubers will be able to earn money more easily

The Partner Program will soon evolve at YouTube! The goal is to allow creators and artists to monetize their content in various formats.

From 2023, creators of Shorts will be able to integrate the partner program from 1,000 subscribers and 10 million views on their Shorts in a period of 90 days.

A new level, easier to access, will also be added to allow faster monetization of your content!

Finally, Shorts are increasingly promoted by Youtube and revenue sharing will soon be available there.

Youtubers will be able to earn money more easily