You’ve Been Warned: Twitter Will Ban Parody Accounts Forever

Especially if the parody account is of Elon Musk, of course. Twitter is undergoing drastic changes after the owner of Tesla bought said social network, boy is it serious with the intention of eliminating bot farms and other things that exist within the well-known platform. Big changes are coming!

We say it because in the last hours Twitter changed its guidelines on parody or fan accounts (you know, those that have the name of x artist and a few more letters), who will be permanently suspended. POOOR?!

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Twitter will suspend the accounts of those who impersonate other people

Parody accounts on Twitter are not something new, far from it, however, it was precisely the check mark the one that helped us to know that these accounts were not the real ones (although of course, we admit that we fell for some of their trolling).

Now, Twitter asks these accounts to show their real identity on the social network. And it is that the new guidelines of the platform indicate that parody and fan accounts should distinguish themselves as such in their account name and bio, otherwise they will be permanently suspended.

You've Been Warned: Twitter Will Ban Parody Accounts Forever
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Kathy Griffin was already the first ‘victim’ of this Twitter measure

This was revealed after the incident of the comedian Katy Griffinwho was founded from the social network after decided to change his name and Twitter profile picture to pretend to be Elon Musk. Something that violated the community policies on said social network.

It turns out that Griffin (already parodying Musk) wrote some tweets where he invited people to vote for the Democratic candidates in the midterm elections of this week in USA. Something that the American businessman did not like at all.

You've Been Warned: Twitter Will Ban Parody Accounts Forever
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Twitter used to warn you to stop parodying another person

And it is that after Kathy Griffin’s account disappeared, Elon Musk announced that Twitter will no longer beat around the bush and now accounts impersonating someone else will be immediately suspended. Something that has already made many feel true terror.

As you will surely remember, before when you were being funny and changed your profile picture or name on Twitter, the platform paused your account for a few minutes and sent you a warning so that you would stop supplanting the identity of the person.

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But now if you do there will be no warning and you will be permanently suspended

Now, with the arrival of Elon Musk, there will be no more warning and if you parody someone you will be suspended Definitively of the social network. Sure, unless you pay for Twitter Blue monthly and get verification and your account back.

The measure has not pleased anyone, because in addition to the fact that several consider that in the case of Kathy Griffin the problem was for messing with Musk directly (before she even published an alleged decapitated head and they did not tell her anything), several believe that The owner of Tesla is looking for any place to get money from Twitter.

One more change in Twitter that many of us sincerely do not understand

And it is that between yes and that he did not buy Twitter, in the end –and to save himself a millionaire lawsuit against him–, Elon Musk decided to buy the social network and he promised that he would change things so that it became a safe place and away from fake news.

Your new policies (or those previously published in the Help Center) state that violence, hate speech, interference with elections of any kind will not be tolerated type, much less supplant the identity of people for any purpose.

We honestly see this as a bit complicated, because with verification popcorn available to everyone and others, the future of Twitter looks increasingly uncertain. No wonder many are already migrating to Mastodon…

You’ve Been Warned: Twitter Will Ban Parody Accounts Forever