10 American Comedy Movies You Should Watch Stream Now

From historical films to light films of recent years, where to look for good American comedy films to spend a carefree evening? The best-known streaming services have many comedy titles in their catalog, one of the most popular film genres: in the macro-category, American films are often the most numerous. So what to choose? Let’s analyze the proposals of Netflix, Prime, Sky and Disney + to get to select the 10 unmissable films of the moment.

What are the funniest movies?

The menu of the streaming service you usually use scrolls silently before your eyes: all those headlines and posters have more the effect of mesmerizing you than of inspiring you and helping you decide. You would like a hand to understand what are the funniest movies? We are happy to try to give it to you. In the meantime, however, you know what are the names of the movies that make you laugh? With regard to the subgenres of comedy, there is talk of farce, romantic comedy, dramatic comedy, black comedy and also erotic comedy and Italian comedy filmin recent years, moreover, there is also talk of American teenage comic films or American college comic films And demented comedy.

American comedians

Films are also made by the performers: so who are they American comedians more famous? Among those of the old guard, if we can say so, are names like Billy Crystal, Mel Brooks and the unforgettable John Belushi. Among American comic film actors more active in the contemporary world are, however, Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Sacha Baron Cohen just to name a few.

Italian comedy films

Maybe you are more interested in i Italian comic films so, which Italian comedy film do you recommend? This could be the question you would like to ask Esquire: lately, especially on Netflix and Prime, the films of Carlo Verdone are being re-proposed, among the comedies and funny movies better than modern Italian comedy.

American comedy movies on Netflix

Let’s start the list of all American comedy films marked in the guide with the comedies on Netflix, one of the streaming services that collects the most subscriptions ever. Well, which ones American comedy movies see on Neflix?

Hangover 2 on Netflix is the successful sequel to one of the American comedy films most hilarious ever, that is The hangover (or if you prefer Hangover): the cine-series, which also includes a third chapter, also still quite up to expectations.

American Pie: Naked in the middle and another comedy movie to seeif you have already laughed a lot with the other previous four chapters of the most States cine-saga there is.

American Comedy Movies on Prime

Which American comedy movies on Prime watch? The dish is rich, let’s see how you can start to orient yourself.

The craziest plane in the world is a masterpiece of comedy, you laugh almost to the point of paresis in the flight to Chicago in which everyone is intoxicated and which testifies to one of Leslie Nielsen’s unforgettable roles.

Ace Ventura – The pet catcher consecrates the rubber face of Jim Carrey in the panorama of the most bizarre American comedy and the whole film series is made of fun movies to see all in one breath on Amazon Prime Video.

Zoolander is among the American comedies most successful of the 2000s, become a real hit, which stages the parody of the world of fashion and glam: the protagonists on stage are Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.

American comedy movies on Sky

Gods cannot be missing American comedy films on Skyso here are what we can recommend from the platform’s offer.

A spy in high school is among the light films A must-see when looking for some relaxation: the story is about an investigator hired by the FBI to go undercover on a women’s university campus.

Nottingh Hill takes place in a London neighborhood, but remains a US / UK production that is always a pleasure to see and review between romantic comedies in streaming, so we could not fail to mention it.

Space bales is the most shrewd and irreverent parody of the science fiction genre and of Star Wars never made, a great classic of laughter and comedy that should always be seen as soon as a streaming shows it. Produced, starring and directed by Mel Brooks.

American comedy movies on Disney +

Which American comic films on Disney + are available? Certainly different, but we point out a couple of them below.

Ice Age – Buck’s Adventures is the spin-off built around the cutest character de The ice Age: the vicissitudes of the hyperbolic ferret will be available on Disney + from 25 March 2022, a service that certainly focuses heavily on the entertainment of the little ones and which with this title offers one of the recent American comedy films more awaited even by the great ones.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit it is perhaps one of the most famous titles in the history of cinema which represents the experiment in which film and animation mix with each other: humor and script are its strengths.

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10 American Comedy Movies You Should Watch Stream Now