10 Best Pixar Characters Who Only Appeared Once

Light year is the first Pixar film to hit theaters since 2020, and while it bombed at the box office, it’s still a great animated film that features instant classic Pixar characters like Sox. The robot cat is the movie’s MVP, and fans are dying to see him return in the future. But Sox isn’t the only fan-favorite Pixar character missing.

Characters from the standalone Pixar films have obviously only appeared once, but of all of the studio’s long-running series, many supporting characters have inexplicably not returned for sequels. Between a sentient snowman, an Italian F1 racing car, and a hypochondriac dolphin, these characters left audiences wanting more.

ten The Abominable Snowman (Monsters, Inc.)

The abominable snowman is one of the most popular public domain characters, which means any studio can use the monster in their movies. He is the main character of the 1957 cult classic, one of the best characters in the Goose bumps series, and he briefly appeared in Monsters Inc.. Although her appearance was short, the scene is both hilarious and heartfelt. The scene subverts expectations by making the snowman modest and polite, and Mike confides in the monster after a fight with Sully.

Granted, monster university was a prequel, so it may have been difficult to get the monster into the sequel, but there are ways to do it. The Snowman explains in the original film that he was kicked out of the Monsters, Inc. mail room and banished to the Himalayas after discovering Waternoose’s secret, which the prequel might have explained. All the fans wanted to see the return of the “adorable” snowman, and the prequel could have had at least a short scene with the snowman in college.

9 Syndrome (The Incredibles)

The Incredibles would have been better in live-action, as director Brad Bird proved his brand of comedic action works just as well outside of animation with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. However, it would be difficult for a live-action version of the film to portray the eccentric look of Syndrome, the film’s vengeful villain, with his big, fiery hair and cutting-edge technology.

Syndrome dies at the end of the original film, so it would have been difficult to bring him back for a sequel. But between Jason Lee’s character’s lively vocal performance and the Bond villain’s over-the-top attitude, he’s one of Pixar’s best villains.

8 boo

Boo is one of the cutest characters in Pixar canon, as she even managed to make two monsters, who had been trained for years to scare her, become her father figures. Sully specifically formed a bond with her, and while it’s speculated the two reconnected at the end of Monsters Inc.as viewers heard her voice, fans want nothing more than to see the two come together fully.

However, there is a theory that all Pixar movies have a shared universe and that Boo returned as a witch in Brave. In Pixar’s theory, she’s the connective tissue between every film the studio has made, and the witch has created doors that go back and forth through time in order to find Sully. But in the form audiences know Boo, the mischievous toddler, she hasn’t been seen since the 2001 film.

seven Gil (Finding Nemo)

Willem Dafoe is one of the best actors working today, and he usually plays creepy antagonists, whether it’s the Green Goblin or an unpredictable lighthouse keeper. He is even cataloged as the same kind of character in animated films, because the actor plays Gill in The world of Nemoa Moorish idol who is scarred both physically and emotionally.

When Gil first appears, it is assumed that he will be an evil villain who will ruin Nemo’s chances of returning home, but it is revealed that he is more generous than any other fish in the aquarium. , even if it does not show it. . As the film ends with him dancing up and down in a plastic bag in the ocean, the fish is expected to die trying to gain his freedom. However, he has a small appearance in a Finding Dory post-credits scene, as he is captured by Marine Life Institute volunteers.

6 Francesco Bernoulli (Cars 2)

There is no doubt that Cars 2 is Pixar’s worst film, and it’s the only film made by the studio to be rated “Rotten” on Rotten Tomatoes. However, just like with every Pixar release, there’s still plenty to love, including plenty of new supporting characters. Given how Mater took over as the main character from Lightning McQueen, fans had no choice but to turn to supporting characters for less over the top and more engaging performances.

One of them is Francesco Bernoulli, an Italian F1 car, who is hilariously played by John Turturro, one of Pixar’s many perfect casting choices. It almost feels like Will Ferrell’s underrated comedy Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, which has an almost identical premise where a European F1 racer joins Nascar. It would have been nice to see Francesco back, but as Cars 2 was a globe-trotting affair, it is unlikely that an Italian Formula 1 car will ever return.

5 Nigel (Finding Nemo)

Nigel acted more like ex machina in The world of Nemo, which is a storytelling device where the main characters of a film are cornered and there was no possible escape route, but are miraculously saved. It’s usually a big no-no in movies, but Nigel is so entertaining, especially when he has Dory and Marlin in his beak as he soars through the sky.

There are no heroes or villains in The world of Nemo, but if anyone in the movie has been called a hero, it’s Nigel. The character has come to the rescue so many times, whether it’s providing information to the main characters or literally having them fly from place to place like the eagles in the Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately, it never appeared in Finding Dorybut he could easily have appeared briefly on a windowsill at the MLI.

4 Art (Monster University)

Everything about the art is so much fun, whether it’s her bluish, purple color, her legs that connect to her face, her silly facial expressions, or her hairy body. And as expressed by It’s always sunny in Philadelphia Charlie Day, who has the liveliest voice in Hollywood, is a perfect Pixar character.

But Art is a perfect example of how prequels often run into major problems. The character first appeared in monster universityand he often upstages Mike, Sully, and any other new characters introduced in the prequel, making it retroactively odd that he wasn’t in Monsters Inc.. There’s no way Pixar had the idea for Art while making the original film, but fans will always wonder where he is after seeing the 2013 film.

3 Finn McMissile (Cars 2)

So many sequels have changed genres from the original movie, and that’s exactly what Cars 2 fact, because it’s a globe-trotting spy spy movie. And while it doesn’t totally work, it does at least introduce some fascinating characters, including Finn McMissile, who plays on spy movie stereotypes.

The character is, of course, British, and he is, of course, voiced by Michael Caine. While the character may not be as deep or as interesting as Pixar’s other inventions, Finn’s surface parody is the sequel’s most entertaining part. And Finn’s pencil mustache-like grill is both ridiculous and awesome.

2 Bailey (Finding Dory)

Bailey is a hypochondriac and thinks his sonar skills aren’t working, and he thinks his head is big just because he hit it. There’s not really a chance that Bailey could have appeared in another Pixar movie, as the dolphin was introduced in the sequel. Finding Dory.

But Bailey has so much potential that if Pixar doesn’t put him in future releases, the studio will underutilize him and it would be such wasted potential. Considering all the great new characters found at the Marine Life Institute, there could be an entire spin-off movie or Disney+ series based exclusively in the massive aquarium.

1 Henry J. Waternoose III (Monsters, Inc.)

Henry J. Waternoose III (James Coburn) is one of the most terrifying animated villains of all time. Not only does he look ungainly and even the sounds of his crab legs tapping the ground send shivers down the spine of the audience, but he’s also genuinely menacing and intimidating. The villain has such a commanding presence, and he should have been in the prequel.

However, the character was originally meant to appear in monster university in some form, but Coburn died during production. But even then, Kelsey Grammer was hired to replace Coburn before the character was completely cut from the story.

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