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Saturday Night Live is back with a new cast for a new season. Since the show’s debut in the 1970s, it’s been a staple of late-night television, launching the careers of many future Hollywood stars.

Over the years, the show has had plenty of celebrity guests and even more celebrity parodies. While some weren’t fans of the way they were portrayed, others were actually quite fond of the jokes. In fact, some have even appeared onscreen with their SNL counterparts.

Mick Jagger

Although best known as a singer, Mick Jagger has actually had a fairly successful acting career, appearing in numerous films since the 1960s. While hosting SNL in 2001, Jagger spoke about Jimmy Fallon’s very good impression of him in the mirror, helping him prepare for his SNL gig, a gig he had done before.

Fallon has redone this track many times, such as when he hosted SNL himself and with celebrity guests on The Tonight Show. Fallon wasn’t everyone’s favorite, but his impressions were still good and Jagger was clearly having a good time. It was cool to see them pointing fingers at each other.

Nic Cage

Andy Sandberg may not be known as a great impressionist, but his over-the-top “Get In The Cage” segments were a lot of fun. Portraying a made-up-ten version of Nic Cage, Sandberg’s portrayal of a cartoon version of the actor ultimately led to Cage appearing on the show for the first time since he hosted in 1995.

Cage and his “clone” were there to promote Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance. Sandberg kept talking while Cage was a calmer, more human version of himself, as they made jokes about his films from that era. At the end, the two embark on their next adventure involving the Statue of Liberty.

Jennifer Aniston

SNL veteran Vanessa Bayer had been doing her Jennifer Aniston impression for a while before working with Aniston on Office Christmas Party. As a result, Aniston was able to drop by SNL during one of her “Rachel from Friends” bits and tell her to stop texting her all the time and eventually get nachos through a Friends-style cup.

Aniston’s appearance was charming as it made her mimic Bayer’s impression. Also, it was a good way to promote Office Christmas Party, which had just been released at the time. Aniston is clearly flattered by the love people still have for Friends and clearly enjoyed doing this skit.

Zooey Deschanel

While many may recognize her for her role on How I Met Your Mother, Abby Elliot is actually the first second-generation SNL cast member, her father Chris was on the show in the 90s. most endearing was his impression of Zooey Deschanel, poking fun at his quirky persona, on a show called “Being Quirky.” When Deschanel hosted SNL, they did the skit together.

Deschanel appeared as Mary Kate Olsen, another “quirky” celebrity. Parodies of Michael Cera and Bjork also appeared on a quirky lifestyle show. Deschanel has always been associated with this character, with 500 Days Of Summer and New Girl helping to build it. Here, she gets to fully embrace it in a fun skit made during the height of New Girl’s popularity.

Rami Malek

Pete Davidson wasn’t a great impressionist but had a few fan favorites, like his impression of Rami Malek. He had done it a few times in the past, and it had always been a hit with the crowd. When Malek hosted the promotion for No Time To Die, he got his comeback.

Davidson and Malek sitting next to each other doing parodies of each other is good stuff. Davidson clearly enjoyed the impression as it was something different from what he usually does, while Malek just enjoyed the change of being awkward, a rarity for the actor best known for his serious roles.

Joe Cocker

When the late Joe Cocker appeared on SNL in 1976, he was highly anticipated. By this point, John Belushi had become famous for his Cocker impression, leading people to wonder what it would be like if the two were on stage together. When Cocker appeared on SNL to sing, Belushi appeared and sang with him.

Belushi had been making an impression since the days of National Lampoon. Cocker had a unique voice and personality that no one else really had. The crooner’s appearance immediately became an iconic scene from early SNL, and as Belushi would show with The Blue Brothers, his musical abilities were far beyond his skill set.

Alex Trebek

It’s a shame Burt Reynolds and Sean Connery never made their long-awaited appearances in Celebrity Jeopardy sketches. However, the late Jeopardy host Alex Trebek appeared with Will Ferrell’s counterpart in a 2009 episode where he and Ferrell were treated to shots of Darrell Hammond’s impression of the legendary Connery.

The skit also featured a surprise appearance by Norm Macdonald as Burt Reynolds and Tom Hanks as himself. The appearance confirmed what many thought of Trebek; he had a sense of humor when it came to everything in life. Seeing him sign with Ferrell ended up being used as a tribute to him when he died in 2020, and for good reason.

Stevie Wonder

Eddie Murphy is one of the biggest stars SNL has ever produced. Outside of Joe Piscopo and Julie-Louis Dreyfus, no one outside of Murphy really did anything close to Hollywood during this time. When Stevie Wonder appeared on SNL in 1983, Murphy not only did his impression, but showed Wonder how to do a Stevie Wonder impression.

Murphy has done his Wonder impression quite often, including in a parody of “Ebony and Ivory” with Piscopo’s Sinatra impression. Wonder’s appearance showed good-natured humor. He even offered to make an appearance when Murphy returned to the show in 2015, showing how much he was enjoying the moment.

jerry seinfeld

Perhaps the most significant skit of Jimmy Fallon’s rise on SNL, he appeared with Seinfeld in an edition of Weekend Update filmed when Seinfeld hosted the show. In it, the two Seinfelds argued on The Gap. The skit was a huge hit, and Fallon’s Seinfeld has been a staple of her talk show ever since.

Fallon did an impression of Seinfeld’s stand-up routine, making it more of a parody. His voice might be a tiny bit higher than Jerry Seinfeld’s, but it’s still perfect. Seinfeld appeared on Fallon’s show, and Fallon appeared on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, showing that a connection still exists between the two.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has actually appeared twice with Vanessa Bayer on SNL. The first time was when she appeared as Justin Bieber on The Miley Cyrus Show when she was still a Disney star. The second time around showed Bayer as “The Ghost of Miley’s Past,” where she warns Miley that her famous VMA appearance might end up being more controversial than she realizes.

Like Justin Timberlake, Cyrus has shown how SNL can be a launching pad for being taken more seriously as a performer. While she appeared when she was still a teen idol, her second appearance proved that she was past that. Cyrus has appeared on the show multiple times since 2013 as a host and musical guest.

10 celebrities who appeared on SNL with their impersonator | Pretty Reel