10 Puzzle Zombie Movies To Watch In Every Genre

The undead are a fascinating concept that describes a subtype of consciousness, exhibiting unique characteristics of an individual neither fully alive nor dead. Probably first seen in white zombie in 1932, and reach a large audience thanks to night of the living dead in 1968, zombie movies invaded viewers’ brains through various channels.

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The walking dead have taken center stage in many genres outside of the typical horror landscape, moving into comedy, romance, action, and thrillers. Moreover, thanks to the success of titles like The Walking Dead series, zombies have managed to stay relevant. Regardless of genre, plenty of zombie movies are lovable and re-watchable, especially when they’re fan favorites like World War Z Where zombieland.

“World War Z” (2013)

A zombie watches Brad Pitt in

World War Z is a zombie action-horror film that focuses on survival, a cure, and the fast-paced nature of unknown diseases that affect people on a massive scale. Featuring brad pitt like Gerry, the former UN investigator, and Daniella Kertesz as Segen, the Israel Defense Forces soldier who accompanies him, the world is plagued by zombies with no end in sight.

An adaptation of Max Brookthe famous horror novel, World War Z: An Oral History of Zombie Warfare, the film deviates from its source material, but effectively uses common zombie tropes like creatures out of control and the start of an apocalypse. Perfect for a thrilling escape movie without gore, World War Z leaves a sense of urgency in its viewers and creates a satisfying distinction between the infected and the uninfected.

‘Hot Bodies’ (2013)

Warm bodies

Whether Dusk changed its paranormal characters to zombies and added more comedy, then Warm bodies would be a successful counterpart. The film follows R (Nicolas Hoult), a zombie who sucks at the human brain for its ability to provide it with memories and bring it back to life. Wandering through eight years of an apocalypse, R experiences the best thing you can do to find a human connection: love. When he sees Julie (Therese Palmier) for the first time, his dead heart starts beating slowly again.

A clever take on romance, comedy, zombies and an imaginative take on Romeo and Juliet, Warm bodies humanizes zombies in a way that reminds audiences that the undead were once just like them, and even uses a zombie (and its perspective) as a focal point.

‘Pet sematary’ (2019)

Church the cat in'Pet Sematary'

The 2019 remake of Pet sematary takes the content of Stephen King‘s novel of the same name, showcasing the supernatural talents of an ancient graveyard beyond the local pet graveyard. Moving to Ludlow, Maine, married couple Louis and Rachel Creed (Jason Clark and Amy Seimetz) and their children Ellie and Gage (Throw Laurence and Hugo/Lucas Lavoie) live peacefully until their house cat, Church, is killed on a busy road.

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When their friendly neighbor, Jud (John Lithgow) suggests burying Church in the old cemetery, the Creed family are shocked to find Church alive, but not quite himself, the next day. The resurrection is the focal point of the creation of “zombies” in the film, and Pet sematary breaks away from traditional notions of zombies with Stephen King’s interpretation of the undead: the same individual, but more sinister in his next life.

“Dead Snow” (2009)

Nazi zombies in

Probably the most unique zombie movie interpretation, dead snow shocked audiences with comedy and horror, following the discovery of a battalion of Nazi soldiers who went missing during World War II and are now scouring an Arctic mountain for their prey. The film follows several college students who spend their Easter vacation in a small cabin in Norway, unknowingly surrounded by the story of the undead who abused and tortured the locals.

Graphic with gore, but generous with humor, dead snow is a beloved zombie movie that plays with the idea of ​​the undead trying to protect their stolen treasure. It is inspired by the Scandinavian folklore of the Draugr – a ghost inside their own corpse.

“Night of the Living Dead” (1968)

A field of zombies in'Night Of The Living Dead'

Considered the zombie movie that shaped the current perception of the walking dead, night of the living dead is a highly influential sci-fi horror film. night of the living dead gathers strangers to an abandoned farmhouse, locked inside as the undead linger, attacking for their pound of flesh.

With a fairly straightforward storyline, the film’s execution is what earned it its status as a cult classic and a template for zombie films to come. While the antagonists are referred to as ghouls – the undead who are hungry for living flesh – instead of zombies, the film is nonetheless about revolution in the midst of disaster, and was also particularly notable for his casting choice of a black man (Duane Jones) as the lead role for her talents. The lingering fear the film produces has continued to be seen as chilling over the decades.

‘Paranormand’ (2012)


A safe zombie movie for child viewers, Paranormand is a stop-motion comedy-horror film produced by Laika, the makers of Coraline. The film tells the story of Norman (Cody Smith McPhee): an emotionally isolated eleven-year-old child who is deemed an outsider after claiming he can communicate with the dead.

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Using his powers, Norman must perform an ancient ritual on the city to break the witch’s curse, but ends up resurrecting zombies. The film sees zombies as a threat at first, only for the audience to realize that they are just spirits in corpses, and strives to embrace those deemed bullied for being weird by giving them the star.

‘Re-Host’ (1985)


Another horror comedy, Resuscitator is based on the short story by HP Lovecraft Hebert WestResuscitatorwhich was soon followed by two sequels thanks to the popularity of the film. Resuscitator explores the inhibitions of Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs), as he experiments with a chemical that can bring dead bodies back alive.

With his classmate Dan (Bruce Abbott), Herbert must keep the formula safe, for Dr. Carl (David Gale) aims to steal the recipe and take credit for the creation. Inspired by Frankenstein stories, madness is a big theme, and yet, shockingly, scientists become more deluded than the undead they bring back to the world.

‘Rec.’ (2007)


Nothing is scarier than seeing zombies in first person, that’s why Rec. is an effective horror film that uses found footage to achieve a sense of verisimilitude. Journalist Ángela Vidal (Manuela Velasco) and his cameraman Pablo (Pablo Rosso) follow the firefighters for a television appearance While you sleep. Soon they begin to encounter strange behavior from residents of a local apartment, infected with a type of virus similar to rabies.

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For the couple, the apartment becomes a labyrinth where the horrors of the virus are revealed. Rec. is highly regarded in the horror genre for its first-hand depiction of the discovery of a rampant infection, with the handheld camera style creating a haunting and stressful vibe that makes the zombies all the more terrifying.

“Train to Busan” (2016)

A girl rushes into the train car

A thrilling ride like no other, Train to Busan is still considered one of the best zombie movies to watch of all time. South Korean horror thriller stars gong-yo as a workaholic father for Su-an (Kim Su-un), whose birthday wish is to visit her mother in Busan. The train adventure takes a turn for the worse when an infected woman enters a train car, bites an attendant, and quickly spreads the zombie virus on the train.

The reactionary atmosphere of the film creates the urgency of survival, reinforcing the creepiness of the zombies that multiply around the characters. A critique of human selfishness (especially in the midst of parody), Train to Busan is everything a zombie movie should be and more

‘Zombieland’ (2009)


The infamous zombie comedy zombieland revolves around four unique aliens surviving in an apocalyptic world. Although tired of each other, they must join forces to stay safe from the endemic virus that has transformed many fellow Americans. The Geeky Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) is on a trip to see if his parents survived the zombie apocalypse when he encounters Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) and her Wichita sisters (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin).

Together they battle zombies as they make their way to Pacific Playland, an amusement park said to be free of the undead. Staying alive thanks to Columbus’ massive list of rules, the movie is the most entertaining zombie movie ever, so much so that its sequel, Zombieland: double tap gained so much popularity.

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