12 highlights of the year that are likely to end up at Bye bye 2022

After 2020 which was historic and 2021 which had its share of memorable events, the year 2022 had not said its last word. Never two without three, they say? Yes, the last twelve months have not been easy as the news has given Quebecers a real roller coaster of emotions. With so many stock, the content of Bye-bye 2022looks epic and crunchy the evening of December 31.

With yet another wave of COVID-19of the provincial electionsthe Sunwing-sagathe freedom convoythe end of District 31, them Olympic Gamesthe death of the queen Elizabeth II and even more, we can say that the year that has just passed has been remarkable on several levels and the population is likely to remember it for a long time.

Of course, the list could have been even longer as there have been highlights since January 2022 and this is just a sample of them.

The return of the curfew and confinement

A few hours before the start of 2022, the curfew was officially back as the large spread of the Omicron variant caused a meteoric rise in new cases of COVID-19. During the first two weeks of January, Quebecers had to play Cinderella and had to rush home before the ten strokes of 10 p.m.

Can we take the dog out after curfew yes or no? There was the question ofmoment.

In addition to the curfew, it will be remembered that strict confinement with the closure in particular of bars, restaurants and schools was also imposed during this period. An impression of deja vu that certainly deserves its place in the Bye.

The Sunwing Saga

A few days after the start of confinement in the province, images of Quebec vacationers doing the party aboard a Sunwing charter plane surfaced and went completely viral.

Return flight canceled by Sunwing, from petroleum jelly in the nose to falsify COVID-19 tests, denial of boarding by other airlinesa highly publicized arrival at Montreal airport, things quickly tumbled.

Not only did the population have their eyes riveted on all the developments of this saga which caused talk around the world, but they also reintegrated the word “ostrogothic” in his vocabulary.

We bet a parody of Vanessa the “vaper” and of James William Awad when his famous press conference will make an appearance during the review of the year.

COVID-19 at Big Brother Celebrities and Star Academy

It seems like it’s been ages since this happened, but by the first month of the year, blockbuster shows like Star Academyand Big Brother Celebritieshave been battling COVID-19 outbreaks that have disrupted programming.

But, the show must go on, as they say in the industry, and the resilience of the productions may have inspired Simon-Olivier Fecteau’s team.

Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge at Gemini 2022

If Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge had a sketch in his honor at Bye 2021in particular because of the controversy surrounding his vaccination status, it would not be surprising if Guylaine Tremblay imitated him again in this 2022 edition.

The host and comedian caused a stir last September when he unexpectedly interrupted the 37th Gemini Awards Gala moderated by Véronique Cloutier. With a rather disjointed speech inviting among other things to vote and including an arrow to Louis Morissette and Guy A. Lepage, his intervention did not go unnoticed.

The bullying situation at Occupation Double Martinique

Of the expelled candidates after engaging in behavior deemed toxic, partners who dissociate and leave the boat, Julie Snyder who will explain Everybody talks about it, a break of several weeks in the middle of the season and Jay Du Temple announcing his departure from animation: It’s what we call a content machine for the production of Bye.

We can easily imagine the situation of intimidation that shook Double occupancy Martiniquebe the subject of a parody on the evening of December 31.

The Carey Price Gun Controversy

It is not on the Bell Center ice that the goalkeeper Carey Price skated, but rather on social networks. After posting a photo of him holding a hunting gun to show his support for the Canadian Coalition for Gun Rights (CCFR), many voices were raised to criticize the timing of its release, a few days before the commemoration of the Polytechnique massacre.

If the Montreal Canadiens claimed that the athlete was not aware of these events of December 6, 1989, Carey Price himself denied this information and indicated that he was aware of the tragedy and apologized.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II

A pivotal moment in history, it was after a little over 70 years of reign that Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96.

Heading to London for the monarch’s funeral, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau managed to get people talking when he was spotted singing a song while performing “Bohemian Rhapsody” of the group Queen, accompanied by Gregory Charles on the piano.

The pout of François Legault during the elections

Who says elections, says a guaranteed place in the Bye.

Whether it’s the pouting by François Legault during the cacophonous debates, the unpaid taxes ofEric Duhaimethe Québec solidaire candidate who stole the Parti Québécois leaflets, the endless discussion on the third link, the resignation of Dominique Anglade or all these answers, it stirred in the political news in 2022.

Celine Dion

One of the most imitated personalities in Bye, Celine Dion likely to be there again this year. The international singer made headlines in 2022 by publicly confessing that she has a rare neurological disorderbe the stiff person syndrome.

The production of the magazine of the year will however have to be cautious and walk on eggshells, because WE DO NOT TOUCH CELINE! Especially under these circumstances.

It must be admitted that it would be a good opportunity to come out Alinethe film by Valérie Lemercier and inspired by the life of the Quebec diva, who had caused so much reaction in 2021.

The end of District 31

After 720 episodes, six seasons and hundreds of half-hours of laughing, crying and screaming on the edge of their seats, the public had to say goodbye to their favorite show of the past few years.

Not just a nod to the final of District 31might make an appearance, but we also expect to see hints of the daily “war” it has caused with the arrival of Statusand Indefensible.

Legault government checks

“You get a check. You get a check. You get a check. This is how François Legault’s government reacted to help Quebecers cope with the rising cost of living, when two one-time amounts of $400 to $600 were distributed to the public.

A measure that has received praise from some and criticism from others. A perfect mix for a sketch from Bye.


Moreover, inflation was a main character of the year 2022 in Quebec. With gasoline which exceeded $2/litre, the salad which has become a luxury product and the black market of medicine for children because of the shortage, there is certainly reason to caricature this situation. It’s better to laugh than to cry!

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12 highlights of the year that are likely to end up at Bye bye 2022