15 Funny Horror Movies Even Sissies Will Enjoy

Halloween is synonymous with horror movies, but many of us don’t really appreciate this cinematic genre!


If you’re not a fan of jumping jacks or are so scared you cover your eyes, but still want to join in the Halloween festivities, there are a ton of options for you.

These 15 “horror” films are more under the theme of humor, or are made for the whole family:

1. Chills (VF of Scream)

Scream is a true 90s classic and the beauty of it is that you can even run a marathon and listen to all four in a row! We know the story: a year after the murder of his mother, Sidney Prescott and his friends are terrorized by a serial killer. We just jump enough to call it a horror movie, but it’s still fun to listen to!

2. The Halloween Pendulum (VF of The House with a Clock in Its Walls)

Based on the famous children’s classic written by John Bellairs, this film follows 10-year-old Lewis, who goes to live with his eccentric uncle. This one lives in a strange house in which you can hear a mysterious pounding sound at night. Lewis’ uncle and his neighbor practice magic, and when the young boy wakes up unintentionally, he reveals a ton of secrets.

3. casper

In this 90s classic, we follow Casper, a young ghost who is bored to death in the mansion he haunts. Everything changes when a woman inherits this house. She turns back when she realizes that turns out to be inhabited by many ghosts and she hires James Harvey, a parapsychologist, to get rid of the ghosts. The latter settles in the heart of the mansion with his daughter, Kat, who quickly meets Casper.

4. Abracadabra (VF of Hocus Pocus)

Another ’90s classic, this one tells the story of a family moving from Los Angeles to Salem, much to the dismay of son, Max. On Halloween night, he is forced to accompany his younger sister Dani on her candy round. They find themselves in the old house of the three Sanderson sisters, killed by hanging 300 years earlier, and they come back to life.

5. Goosebumps (VF of Goosebumps)

Inspired by children’s horror novels by RL Stines, Goosebumps follows young Zack as he and his mother move into a small new house. He befriends his new neighbor from a distance, whose father won’t let her out of the house. One day, when he hears shouting from the neighbors, Zach enters the house. He discovers a bookcase filled with sealed Goosebumps books, and upon opening them, he inadvertently releases all of R.L. Stines’ dreamed-up monsters into the city.

6. Betelgeuse (VF of beetle juice)

Director Tim Burton is known for his movies that are funny and “creepy” at the same time, and this one is no exception. This is the story of two newlyweds who, after their death in a car accident, become ghosts haunting their former home. They call on a “bio-exorcist” to scare away its new occupants and recover their home.

7. The Addams Family (VF of The Addams Family)

There are several iterations featuring the most famous macabre family, but the 1991 film remains unmatched. In it, an impostor trying to pass himself off as Uncle Fetid, the brother of Gomez Addams, who disappeared 25 years earlier. The impostor discovers that Fetid is the sole heir to Addams Manor, and evicts the entire family. They will then have to do everything to get rid of Fetid.

8. Scary Movie (Scary Movie)

This film will make you laugh more than scared, but it is still 18+ for its sexual content! He pokes fun at 90s killer movies like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summerand it’s a classic parody movie.

9. Welcome to Zombieland (VF Dde Zombieland)

In this hilarious comedy, we discover a post-apocalypse Zombie world. While several humans have already been transformed, four people trying to survive join forces. If you have a stomach strong enough for the slightly more “gory” scenes, the humor and the actors’ performances are worth it!

10. get-out

Although it contains some pretty gross moments and a very important socio-political message, this film is also something of a comedy. Some scenes will make you laugh, others think, and it’s a must in cinema in general, all genres combined!

11. Ghostbusters (VF of ghostbusters)

This 80s classic is so popular for a reason! Despite its somewhat bogus special effects, we can’t help but smile throughout the film. We follow a group of ghost hunters in New York who try to help a young woman whose apartment is haunted.

12. The Babysitter (VF of The Babysitter)

This Netflix horror comedy tells the story of a young boy who realizes that his guardian is the head of a satanic cult and she tries to kill him. Its absurd side will undoubtedly make you laugh and if you are a fan, the sequel, The Babysitter: Killer Queenis also available on Netflix.

13. Vampires in privacy (VF of What We Do In the Shadows)

This New Zealand mockumentary follows a group of vampires who all live together. Kind of like the series The Officethe characters speak directly to the camera while we discover their daily lives.

14. La Cabin in the Woods (VF of The Cabin in the Woods)

The Cabin in the Woods tells the story of five students who will spend a few days of vacation in an isolated cabin and become the victims of a family of zombies while being watched from a distance by mysterious scientists. It oscillates between a full-fledged horror film and a parody of horror films.

15. Black magic (VF of The Craft)

If you’re looking for fashion inspiration for a 90s “grunge” look, this movie is for you. Beyond the incredible looks, it’s the story of a teenager endowed with mysterious abilities, who leaves San Francisco for Los Angeles with her father and stepmother. At her new school, she befriends 3 other girls who are rumored to be witches.

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15 Funny Horror Movies Even Sissies Will Enjoy