7 vs. Wild: Eliminated in Episode 4? Knossi would spoil his own end

Knossi reacts to episode 7 vs. Wild and goes into too much detail. His girlfriend is shocked when he spoils his possible elimination.

Baden-Baden – 7 vs. Wild started on YouTube and to each of the videos, participants of the survival show also respond diligently. The likelihood of one of the contestants making a mistake during the streams, which often last several hours, and spoiling the events of the series is of course very high. And the first entrant may well have been hit, as Knossi may have already revealed his elimination with a thoughtless statement.

Title 7 vs. Wild
Episodes 16
Producer Fritz Meinecke
Gender YouTube web series
Format Survival challenge, bushcraft, wilderness
Subscribers on YouTube 2.14 million (as of November 2022)

7 vs. Wild: Knossi with a rash statement – ​​Does the Twitch star betray himself in the stream?

That’s what it’s about : Knossi is probably one of the most interesting participants in the second season of 7 vs. Wild, as the streamer went into the jungle with almost no previous experience. It’s no wonder, then, that her fans want to squeeze as much information out of her as possible about her time on the island. But during his last stream, the Twitch star could have been wrong.

Only two days on the island? During a reaction stream with his girlfriend, Knossi is asked by a viewer how many GoPros and memory cards each participant had at their disposal. “We had two GoPros for each day and an SD card in each GoPro for each day.”. But instead of sticking with that answer, the host takes it a step further and explains how the cameras were stored.

This information was probably new to his wife too, because she seems very surprised. Without seemingly thinking about his next sentence, Knossi reacted almost with annoyance. “I only used the first two”.. Depending on whether or not he counted the GoPro at the start of the show, that could effectively mean that Knossi only lasted a day or two on the island. As long as his statements are correct.

7 vs. Wild: Knossi spoil his end or is it just show?

Wrong path ? After her supposed spoiler, Knossi’s wife just touches her head in disbelief. A brief silence then settles between the two and, as if nothing had happened, the Twitch star continues his stream normally. However, some of his followers are convinced that Knossi simply wants to mislead viewers. This is possible, because after his move to 7 vs. Wild, Knossi has already made several jokes about a possible early elimination.

And speaking of jokes, 7 vs Wild is also making a lot of laughs right now – thanks to a parody: Léon Machère & ApoRed parodies 7 vs Wild: “Ordered on Wish, but fine.”

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Spectators suspect a spectacle Knossi had a rocky start early on in 7 vs. Wild due to a mistake by the organizing team. But after the dramatic scenes, some viewers assumed that Knossi was trying to put himself forward there too. The streamer couldn’t let these accusations pass. “I didn’t even act for the show”.

We will probably only know in the next episodes of 7 vs. Wild if Knossi really stalled from the early days of the survival show. But the launch of the series has already sparked some interesting reactions among attendees.

7 vs. Wild: Eliminated in Episode 4? Knossi would spoil his own end – Essonne Info