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Disney fans rejoice in the recent release of Disenchanted, the long-awaited sequel to 2007’s Enchanted. to many Disney classics from years past. The term “Adult Disney” is used to describe fans who have an intense love for all things Disney and take pride in their adoration and dedication to the movies, shows, and theme park experiences Disney offers.

With Disney delivering hits several times a year, the conglomerate shows no signs of slowing down, and neither do its most avid fans. As a result, many internet memes celebrate the dedication of Disney’s biggest fans.

They know the ins and outs

Disney parks can be quite overwhelming, and with multiple parks around the world each with their own vision, it can be nearly impossible for the average Disney fan to keep up. Disney adults, however, know the ins and outs of the parks, especially their home park or the park they frequent the most.

Unlike casual fans, Disney adults know the best-kept secrets at Disney parks. A Disney adult knows that this insanely popular dining destination isn’t like the usual in-park dining experiences. It’s a unique restaurant inside Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World and, as the fun meme points out, park visitors must make reservations to enjoy the experience.

Disney fireworks are superior

Fireworks are a festive event, but no one does them at the Disney Parks scale. Nighttime celebrations in parks around the world have become synonymous with the brand’s larger-than-life image. Disney’s ability to curate the best light projections and inject the greatest storytelling into its shows immerses guests like no other.

A Disney theme park exceeds the normal level of theatricality, fully immersing visitors. While the regular fireworks are fine, they pale in comparison to the spectacular spectacle presented at Disney theme parks. The entertainment factor and guest-first mentality makes these fans choose to return to Disney to relive the magic all over again.

Disney is for all ages

Walt Disney once said that Disneyland was “for the whole world,” for kids and adults alike, and that proclamation has carried over to modern Disney parks and experiences. While some may argue that family theme parks are just for kids, Disney adults everywhere passionately disagree.

While Disney has mostly maintained its pristine image over the years and dominated a family-friendly atmosphere, Disney adults push back against any criticism of the brand being just for kids. Disney adults embrace their inner child and all the fun and joy that entails.

Passholders are Disney’s biggest fans

The extravagant spending of many Disney adults is well-documented on social media, and it’s synonymous with Disney-themed merchandise and multiple trips to theme parks. Some fans choose to go a step further and purchase passes to visit Disney theme parks, another step in displaying their devotion and love for Disney.

While Disney adults may experience online shame for spending their money on Disney-related products and experiences, their financial habits, like those of any given person, are no one else’s concern. The love of the brand leads them to want to be there as much as they can. This inclusive experience promised by Disney keeps Disney adults coming back again and again, and this attachment can often make them feel more important than the average guest.

Disney is for adults

Disney is in the business of magic, from its parks to its movies. The magical feeling associated with the brand is intentional because they have created characters that mean so much to so many people.

The life of a Disney adult revolves around maintaining that Disney spirit, and for those who can’t afford annual theme park trips, rewatching Disney movies is definitely the norm. Disney adults react to Disney films in reverential ways, and continuing to watch their favorites as they get older is like bottling joy.

They relate to Disney villains

Since its inception in the early 20th century, Disney has continued to be a mainstay of American pop culture. Many of their films, including those from the Disney revival of the late 1980s and 1990s, are treasured by fans. However, over time, the films remain the same, but the fans mature.

Many Disney adults who have watched these films countless times over the years see these characters from a different perspective as they grow and mature. Watching these films and analyzing their themes and character motivations gives Disney adults new perspectives and allows them to appreciate villains like Scar from The Lion King in a more familiar way.

Disney adults know no other vacation destination

Disney vacations are the norm for many dedicated Disney fans. Walt Disney World in Florida has 31 themed resorts on the property alone, so other vacation destinations tend to pale in comparison. For Disney adults, Disney is naturally the best kind of vacation.

Disney adults go about their lives with the brand always front and center. Because Disney is consistent with excellent customer service, Disney fans know they’ll always be immersed in the magic – making any other vacation option a likely “no” in their minds.

Disney adults love the parks

Ever since Disneyland opened in 1955, fans of the brand have remained loyal. Walt Disney promised that the parks would change over time, and with the acquisition of the company in the 1980s by CEO Michael Eisner, the animation studio and the parks expanded.

Despite the changes, fans keep coming back. If there’s a change in the parks, Disney adults will know. Many fan sites on the internet and via social media are dedicated to relaying information on all things park related. While this meme is likely related to changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it shows the breadth of knowledge Disney adults have.

Disney adults love the new Disney movies

The Walt Disney Company is animation’s most enduring. 2023 marks the company’s 100th anniversary, a testament to the excellence of its brand. As the company delivers hit after hit, Disney adults are the first to see the latest releases.

While regular Disney fans are loyal, Disney adults view each new Disney movie as an extension of their devotion. Each new film can remind these fans of the simplicity and magic of their childhood, and continuing to support each release reinvigorates happy memories.

9 memes that perfectly sum up the life of a Disney adult | Pretty Reel