A people who died of laughter

In Quebec, humor is more than essential: it has become essential, and even sacred. A true religion, a bit like hockey. You know, the holy players of Sainte-Flanelle? Comedians are everywhere. They swarm on the stands and on radio and television broadcasts; they are ubiquitous on many sets and in far too many media.

How does being a comedian give you the right to comment on current affairs and politics? It’s because the people of Quebec — our people, yes — want to laugh at all costs. All the time. All over. Constantly. That way, you don’t have to think.

How do you end a year in Quebec, for decades? Laughing. By mounting a beautiful special program filled with sketches and parodies, by making jokes about politicians, stars and the insignificant “beautiful programs” of our Quebec television. And everyone watches it faithfully. Religiously. A large gathering. Millions of Quebecers are present in front of their screens for the high mass on December 31. The tradition of Bye bye rrises to far and is untouchable. Imagine a different year-end in Quebec, without Bye. It would be a scandal, a real one, not badly more than the eradication of the biological sexes.

And how do you start the year, the next day, in this almost country? Speaking of the content of that same show, let’s see. was it good? Was that really funny? Have we laughed enough at the past year, or was it just a rehash? To then inquire obsessively about ratings records. It’s mind-boggling.

Everywhere in the Quebec media, we want comedians and hollow stars who comment on the news, who talk incessantly about their little navel, their life, their childhood, their last empty book, or who swear or make jokes buttocks and fart. Lower than that, you’re already underground: you’re well and truly dead. No more way to think anywhere, to discuss brilliantly and intelligently.

Meanwhile, in Quebec, people here—Quebecers, yes—are hungry. They line up at the food bank. More than one million Quebecers live in poverty. Do you sincerely think that comedians will talk about this reality? Of course not. It’s really not funny, poverty, no matter what angle you take.

Meanwhile, in this quasi-country, we can no longer even be served in our language—in French, yes—on our territory, whether in the west or in downtown Montreal. ” Do you speak French ? » « What? What are you saying? They died laughing, these people. No big deal, the people of Quebec are laughing too. Cruising is a lot of fun, dear friends, even if we now have to apologize for existing in our own country.

Meanwhile, politically speaking, we no longer have the committed artists that we had either. They are no longer really artists, moreover, but stars, people known to the general public and a few “public figures”. No one wants to get wet politically anymore to defend our language, our culture, our need for independence, the need to have a country, our country. These well-known individuals rather promote themselves, inflate their popularity ratings by multiplying their appearances in the media or by participating in countless superficial and ridiculous shows.

But it doesn’t matter, as they say, since the people are laughing. We must laugh, dear friends, laugh at all costs. And like many species on the planet, the people of Quebec are endangered. It will go out slowly. Nonchalantly. A people who died of laughter.

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A people who died of laughter