After “Ko Lantah” or “Love is in the field”, the Palmashow serves up a pastiche in Les Vedettes

“The stars”? Daniel (Grégoire Ludig), failed singer and accomplished loser, and Stéphane (David Marsais), his slightly overzealous colleague. LEGEND FILMS – BLAGBUSTER – GAUMONT – TF1 FILMS PRODUCTION – C2M PRODUCTIONS

VIDEO – In their film, currently showing, Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais make fun of game shows and reality shows. Universe which – for our happiness – has inspired them for years.

This must be parody heaven. In the vein of some of their best sketches, the second Palmashow film, The stars, currently in theaters, is inspired by the world of TV shows. They haven’t stopped doing it since their beginnings in the 2000s. Their first sketch was devoted to Jamy Gourmaud and “C’est pas sorcier”. At the time, the duo, who did not imagine that they owed their success to the Internet, also dreamed of breaking into the small screen.

In The stars, we think we recognize the silhouette of Nagui in this host who juggles between telecrochets. This is just a silhouette: “We did not try to make Nagui in particular”explains the Palmashow at the microphone of France Inter. The character borrows only small touches from reality. “We also wanted to imagine an animator on the decline, who continues to hope”specify the two children of the TV of the 1990s. They embody Daniel and Stéphane, naive candidates ready to do anything for a little recognition. The feature film is not devoid of tenderness. “It is above all a criticism of society which pushes anonymous people to achieve a moment of glory”says Grégoire Ludig in West France .

The “stars” take part in a fictional game, “Le Prix à tout prix”, whose ultimate, grandiose test is the “Kikoutekoi”. We are of course thinking of Vincent Lagaf ‘, from whom Cyril Hanouna took over the torch of troublemaker of the PAF. Presenting “Le Juste Prix” in the 2010s, Lagaf’ appeared in a shopping cart, in the middle of smoke bombs, surrounded by scantily clad young women. Elegance did not emerge victorious. In the film, the producers, above all, take it for their rank. “We need atypical candidates, originals, a little naive”slice one of them. “Dorks?”refines his assistant. “But no… People who don’t have perspective…”

There is also a nod to “Loft Story”. It is topical. The first French reality TV program recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. In 2001, eleven candidates aged 18 to 35 agreed to be filmed night and day for months. An American idea. There were some swirls in the pool. On the theme of reality TV, the Palmashow split in 2019 with a variation of “The Villa of Broken Hearts” and “Angels” in a sketch (see the video). Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais wear tank tops and tribal tattoos, miss the liaisons, mishandle a few expressions and bicker to find out who has finished. “Nutella”

A return to sketches

The Palmashow oscillates between pastiche and parody. He takes up the codes of the show in question then enlarges the line, falls into the absurd, goes towards the crazy. Their “Journey into Unknown Land” is one of their funniest productions. A fake Patrick Bruel ends up teaching poker to the Mongols and stealing their yurt. In “Search apartment or housing”, a more handsome Stéphane Plaza helps a young Roma couple find a place to stay after their eviction…

During their various sketches, the duo stages a pale and apathetic Michel Denisot, a Denis Brogniart with a monotonous comical tone. The columnists of the “political channel” (poor LCP) are surprised to be watched. The coach Jenifer of “This is The Voice” – Florence Foresti – confuses the technician who changes the microphone and a candidate. Florent Pagnini repeats to all his foals: “You have a universe in you…” We must add to this list “An almost not bad dinner”, “MasterChef” (“a show where the candidates get screwed by a jury that is farting”), “Love is in the field” and “Anonymous boss” with Benoît Poelvoorde. The real show, “Patron incognito”, tends, it is true, the stick to be parodied.

To promote the Featured, Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais released two new videos, the first in two years. Returning to their first love, the friends are preparing about forty of them, which they will shoot in September or October, as they confided to the site. With a planned broadcast on the small screen at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. Will television have its place there? “How to be beautiful naked” on TFX or “A flirt and a dance”, soon to be broadcast on France 2, could give them inspiration…

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After “Ko Lantah” or “Love is in the field”, the Palmashow serves up a pastiche in Les Vedettes