Amazon Prime increases its prices, the guide to choosing your platform



PLATFORMS – There is something for everyone. Films, series, youth program or documentaries, streaming platforms today meet all our desires. But between the diversity of subscriptions and catalogs, it is difficult to navigate.

With the fierce competition that reigns in the SVOD jungle, it is above all streaming consumers who see the price of their subscription constantly inflate. While Disney + and Netflix had increased their monthly subscription price by one to two euros in 2021, it is now Amazon Prime which is entering the race for cash. From this Thursday, September 15, the monthly subscription will increase from 5.99 to 6.99 euros and the annual subscription to 69.99 euros against 49 previously. What pushes users to sometimes make a choice: pay or unsubscribe.

To see more clearly, The HuffPost offers you a comparison of the streaming platforms available in France.


The reference. Already popular thanks to the series that the platform brings up to date like Friends, H, Breaking Bad… It is twice as good with its original productions. Films, series, documentaries, cartoons, children’s programs or stand-up, Netflix continues to bring new things and there is no shortage of outstanding names.

Starting with the series, real social phenomena, such as Squid Game, Stranger ThingsLa Casa de Papel, Orange is the New Black, Ozark, L’Arnaqueur de Tinder, Narcos or The Crown… Most of them have also been nominated for the 2022 Emmy Awards. Netflix is ​​also turning to cinema, with films by prestigious directors such as The Irishman by Martin Scorsese or Rome Oscar-winning Alfonso Cuaron.

On the price side, Netflix has announced an increase in subscriptions in 2021. Netflix’s basic offer, known as ” essential “ costs 8.99 euros per month, the one that gives access to two screens simultaneously is 13.49 euros. And the premium subscription, with four simultaneous screens, costs 17.99 euros.


The global e-commerce giant has made its mark. Amazon Prime Video offers exclusive French series, films, documentaries and several one-man shows. The catalog is stocked with classics from the 90s and 2000s like The prince of Bel-AirBuffy Against the Vampires, Malcom, Lost, The Scott Brothers or Desperate House Wives. But also Amazon original series that are making a lot of noise like The Boys, The Man in the High Castle, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel and especially with the latest: The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

Faced with competition, Amazon has just announced an increase in its prices from September 15, 2022: 5.99 to 6.99 euros per month and from 49 to 69.90 euros per year. In addition to SVOD, you will have access to benefits on your Amazon order deliveries or premium access to Twitch.


For young and old. Unsurprisingly, Disney+ offers a dedicated catalog, initially, to all of the American studio’s productions. Nostalgia guaranteed for adults. Animation films and series produced since the 1930s are thus accessible, but unfortunately not all of them, media chronology obliges. Other universes are also offered: Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars or National Geographic documentaries.

Recently, a new section has been available on Disney+, “Star”, who offers a wider offer and targets an adult audience, with series like Big Sky, Love Victor, Solar opposites, Black-Ish, Only Murders in the Building, Dopesick or even Pam & Tommy.

As a result, Disney+ has also increased these prices since February 2021. The amount of the subscription has thus increased from €6.99 to €8.99 per month.


The French group offers a well-stocked catalog. In addition to in-house productions, MyCanal offers access to many third-party services such as OCS, Netflix and Disney+. The platform is the only one to take advantage of the media chronology and thus be able to broadcast films released in cinemas in preview, a big advantage. Series, films, documentaries, the MyCanal catalog is full of little nuggets like What We Do In the Shadows, Yellowjacket, or even Impeachment: American Crime Story, The Legends Office, dark baronValidated or even The Flamea parody of Bachelor by Jonathan Cohen.

On the price side, for the pack Cinema Serieswhich includes in addition to the main channel access to OCS, Disney+, Canal+ Series and Netflix costs €34.90 per month for 12 months then €49.90 per month thereafter.


A reputation that the platform owes to HBO. Thanks to its partnership with the American giant, OCS can broadcast simultaneously with the United States, American series like Game Of ThronesBig Little Lies, The Walking Dead, Watchmen or Succession winner of the title of best drama series at the Emmy Awards 2022. But, lately, it’s the series house of the dragon who talks about her. OCS also offers original series like Irresponsible, Missions Where The Greats.

OCS offers several offers: 10.99 euros per month for two simultaneous screens and a subscription of 12.99 euros per month for three simultaneous screens.


The youngest. Apple TV+ still has little content, but is increasingly chaining quality and big-budget productions. Film, series, documentary, Apple TV+ is slowly but surely making its mark. The catalog offers excellent series like Losing Allice, The Morning Show, For All Mankind, Dickinson, Little America, Severance, CODA, Ted Lasso Where the documentary on the career of Billie Eilish released in 2021.

On the price side, the Apple TV+ subscription is not very expensive, €4.99 per month with a special offer for new buyers of an Apple product.


Not just a streaming platform. Salto is based on 3 services: live, replay and SVOD content. The French platform offers a mix of French, European and American content. The catalog gives access to emblematic programs with the Queens of Shopping, Top Chef, The Voice, or Love is in the Meadowto popular series like More beautiful lifeScenes of households, Kaamelott or Tomorrow belongs to us and many other programs from the France Télévisions, M6 and TF1 groups available for replay.

As for international series and films, Salto gives access to the complete seasons of Desperate Housewives or of Malcolm and to the trilogy of Hobbit Where Infiltrators by Martin Scorsese.

For Salto, the first subscription formula starts at €6.99 for one user, €9.99 for two simultaneous users and up to €12.99 for four simultaneous users.


Cinema in the spotlight. Filmo is aimed at cinema enthusiasts and offers more than 1,000 films chosen by editorial teams. ” New products every week, exclusives every month “, promises the platform.

The platform gives the choice, with French and international cinema, ranging from great directors to small independent discoveries. Horror, action, western, adventure, animation, youth, thriller… There’s something for everyone.

Two formulas are offered: 6.99 euros per month and 69.99 euros per year.

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Amazon Prime increases its prices, the guide to choosing your platform