An organic market gardener stages his vegetables in parodies of cult films

Heraultwith all the TV series it attracts, ain’t just a little Hollywood. No. The Hérault is also a real “Biollywood”. In Montferrier-sur-Lez, a small village near Montpellier, Yézid Allaya, the creator of the agricultural farm Lutin Jardin, had a funny idea: to stage his organic vegetables in parodies of cult films.

In My vegetables make their cinemaa small series composed for the moment of three episodes, a leek and an aubergine, capped and dressed, become amazing Jack and Rose, on the Titanic. A zucchini and a parsnip reinvent the scene in the hammam of The big mop. And terrifying vegetables stare at each other in a pastiche ofOnce upon a Time in the West. “None of them were mistreated during filming! », jokes Yézid Allaya, who distributes his creations on the Youtube channel of his organic farm.

“The message gets across much better with humor”

The Montpellier resident was not always a farmer: for a long time, he worked on clips, commercials, films, series, in particular A boy a girl, of which he was the general manager. Tired of Parisian life, he returned to his native village and opened an organic vegetable farm, about fifteen years ago, near Montpellier. These little films are thus a perfect way to bring together his two lives.

The shooting of My vegetables make their cinema, at the school Traveling – Yazid Allaya / Lutin Jardin

“It also allows us to talk about more serious things, continues Yézid Allaya. If our vegetables are stars, then maybe we can send messages on the condition of organic farmers, on the economic viability of farms, on eating well… The message gets through much better with humour, it breaks down barriers. »

Yézid Allaya wrote the series. He imagined a vegetable garden where the vegetables come alive and film themselves in the skin of their favorite heroes, taking advantage of the farmer being asleep. And the sequences are very successful. “We watched the original scenes a lot, to try to reproduce the atmosphere, the color codes… But if an actor conveys an emotion with his acting, with something inert, like a vegetable, it’s more complicated, continues Yézid Allaya. We did a real casting, depending on the needs of the sequence. And by composing with seasonal vegetables! »

The filming of My Vegetables Make Their Movies, at the Traveling School
The shooting of My vegetables make their cinema, at the school Traveling – Yazid Allaya / Lutin Jardin

Surrounded by good people

And if the small series is so appealing, it’s also because the creator of Lutin Jardin is particularly well surrounded. Jean-Louis Frémont, first assistant director on The Henry Pick Mystery Where The first day of the rest of your life, is at the helm. He officiates alongside Antoine Monod, director of photography on Ten percent Where Student services office. “They are friends, they immediately accepted the project, it made them laugh,” smiles Yézid Allaya. To give voice to vegetables, he notably surrounded himself with the actor Jérémy Banster, star ofSuch a big sun.

The sequences were shot with the technical means and the students of the audiovisual school Traveling, in Montpellier. “It’s funny, it’s quirky, the students were delighted to participate in this project, rejoices Laurent Mesguich, the director of the establishment, which trains its students in the cinema and television professions. He has a huge work of decoration, costumes on these films. Real painstaking work has been done. And I guess that’s just the beginning, there’s so much to imagine! »

It is not excluded, in fact, that the series continues. These parodies have also been thought of as pilots and it could well be that they seduce, why not, a television channel. “We still have plenty of ideas,” rejoices Yézid Allaya. We have also imagined vegetables showing tourist sites in Occitania, talking about the history of music, or even talking about cooking, where they have themselves cut up! »

An organic market gardener stages his vegetables in parodies of cult films