Arnaud Ducret in all its states: risky bet for TF1 on the beaches of Mourillon (Toulon) with Audrey Fleurot, Ragnar le Breton, Tom Villa, Samuel Bambi…

This Tuesday August 16, 2022, one week after the final of Superman and Lois , Arnaud Ducret will take control of TF1 prime time. With Arnaud Ducret in all its forms , the comedian and humorist will offer parodies, sketches and various performances in the company of several guests. This entertainment, produced by DMLS TV, mixes the one man show and fiction with several guests.

The sketches take place on the stage of the Mourillon beaches in Toulon. In an interview with the weekly TV 7 daysArnaud Ducret explains the birth of this project: “Following the Enfoirés concert in which I took part this year, Mathieu Vergne, from DMLS TV, asked me to imagine a ‘carte blanche’ in prime time on TF1. Attractive idea but I wanted to include parodies in it. And I was told: ‘You do what you want!’”.

Audrey Fleurot, Arthur, Jeff Panacloc… Which guests with Arnaud Ducret on TF1?

In this show, Arnaud Ducret can count on the participation of: Élie Semoun, Michaël Youn, Audrey Fleurot, François-Xavier Demaison, Jeff Panacloc, Cartman, Samuel Bambi, Virginie Hocq, Tom Villa, Edgar Yves, Les Coquettes, Laurie Peret, Tareek, Élodie Poux, Fauve Hautot, Arthur, Maxime Gasteuil, Ragnar Le Breton, Nikos Aliagas and Harry Roselmack.

On social media, Arthur shared a blooper from filming a parody of Stars at home . Arnaud Ducret will also find Audrey Fleurot, with whom he starred in the successful mini-series Lies in September 2021 on TF1 and in Divorce Club film by Michael Youn, in “BPI” (Low Intellectual Potential), a parody of HPI . “I appreciated that she came to do it. We borrowed his outfit, which is stored in Lille, between two shoots” admits the actor.

Arnaud Ducret back in a fiction on TF1?

This show is co-written by comedian Tom Villa. Arnaud Ducret says about him: “He’s a hard worker. He invests himself totally as an author, while having the gaze of the spectator”. Claire Francisci-Ducretthe actor’s wife, will also be on the show for a pole dance number, a discipline she practices and for which she has a school.

Arnaud Ducret entrusts working “currently on a fiction in the action / adventure register” with TF1. He adds : “We are also discussing the co-production of my film “The True Story of Master Li” one of the characters from my first show, a karate teacher”.

An inevitable failure for Arnaud Ducret in all his states?

Arnaud Ducret in all his states on TF1 will be confronted with Munich European Multisport Championships on France 2. A rebroadcast of Tandem which is often the leader on Tuesday evenings, will also be offered on France 3. While M6 will bet on a new issue of Restricted zone .

In addition, during the summer of 2020, TF1 offered the show Fifty / Fifty of Frank Dubosc. This ended in an audience fiasco for the channel on Saturday August 8, 2020. Thus, the front page takes a risk by offering a show show in the middle of summer despite the audience history of this kind of program in the summer period. .

Arnaud Ducret in all its forms is to discover this Tuesday, August 16, 2022 from 9:10 p.m. on TF1.

Arnaud Ducret in all its states: risky bet for TF1 on the beaches of Mourillon (Toulon) with Audrey Fleurot, Ragnar le Breton, Tom Villa, Samuel Bambi…