Arnaud Ducret in all its states (TF1): “My wife will demonstrate pole dancing”

Did you think long before accepting this concept of total freedom?

Arnaud Ducret: At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it, because I didn’t want to just be the host of a show. Then the production and TF1 told me that I could offer parody fiction and the sketches I wanted, so I ended up accepting. We shot on a stage set up on one of the Mourillon beaches, in Toulon. A perfect setting!

How did you imagine and realize this evening?

I worked with Tom Villa and other authors. Together we decided to parody shows like Stars at home, Seven to eight… or series like Expertsts. These mini-fictions are interspersed between sketches by comedians such as Virginie Hocq, Élie Semoun or Edgar-Yves. It was important for me to invite friends on stage, but also young talents to reveal to the public. As for me, in addition to being the master of ceremonies for the evening, I behave like in my show, making sound effects, singing, dancing… I really enjoyed myself.

Singing is one of your strengths. Will we hear your pretty voice tonight?

Yes, and it is with my friend Michaël Youn that I have a field day! You will see us “clash” with good words in a sharp battle of valves, before resuming as a duo Put your balaclava on !

You even parodied the hit TF1 series HPI

Yes, and it becomes BPI, low intellectual potential! I play a completely stupid consultant. Audrey Fleurot made us happy to be there too!

Les Inconnus have often parodied television. Did they influence you a lot?

They have inspired our whole generation, because their parodies are very strong and popular. Pascal Légitimus told me that you had to pay attention to the smallest detail, to ensure that everything stuck to reality, to provoke laughter. I tried to take that into account.

Your wife, Claire Francisci, makes an appearance in this evening event…

Yes, she goes on stage to perform a pole dance demonstration. It’s her job, but she impresses me every time!

Did you imagine yourself one day as a troop boss?

I started at 13 in musicals at school. In other words, teamwork, I know what it is. I take great pleasure in seeing others take it. I also like to make every effort to sublimate my comrades. So, if TF1 wants to give me a second carte blanche, I’m 100% in!

On stage, on television… You are everywhere! Do you also have projects in the cinema?

On September 7, I will be on the bill of the visitor from the future, directed by François Descraques, in which I play Gilbert, a boss who is going to build a big nuclear power station at low cost, which is going to destroy the planet… I also have fiction projects with TF1, which I will tell you about soon!

Arnaud Ducret in all its forms: Tuesday August 16 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1

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Arnaud Ducret in all its states (TF1): “My wife will demonstrate pole dancing”