Bambi will be a head

The horror version of the Walt Disney classic is coming. If the classic had already traumatized generations of children, shaken by the death of Bambi’s mother, imagine what this version of the film will create in the minds of those already very disturbed former children… The director of this horror adaptation venture, Rhys Frake-Waterfield, has unveiled in these hours new details of the project. We are talking about the same director of the splatter version of Winnie The Pooh

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The many generations of former children who have been traumatized by the Walt Disney classic Bambi, disturbed by the death of the protagonist deer’s mother, they may have to go back to therapy because of Rhys Frake-Waterfield. This is the director who has embarked on the daring feat of adapting the fawn’s story into a horror film that promises to be creepy (and is also a repeat offender, as we will see shortly).

Rhys Frake-Waterfield has unveiled new details of the project in these hours, a film that fits into the new trend of shooting vintage childhood icons to transform them into something totally different, i.e. bloodthirsty and horrifying characters who fully fit into the world of horror. The reason why this trend is investing vintage childhood icons, as we defined them above, is linked to the fact that the rights of works such as Winnie The Pooh, Peter Pan, Bambi etc are out of date, so for the first time it’s possible to create things like this. These projects would have been unthinkable until recently, when surely no similar horror would have ever made it to the big screen (since blocked by the lawyers of those who held the rights to the original works).

Bambi is based on the 1923 novel by the Austrian writer Fleix Salten titled Bambi, a Life in the Woodswhich has been in the public domain in most of the European Union since 2016 and whose US copyright expired on January 1, 2022.

Jailbird was Winnie…


Bambi, the horror version is coming

It all started from the first big jolt, always given to us by the same director of this next one Bambi creepy: Rhys Frake-Waterfield is the one behind Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey, the splattered version of the honey-eating yellow bear. Today’s trend depends precisely on the success of that traumatic film adaptation, where this time we mean with transposition not from novel to screen but rather from children’s screen to adult screen (and adults with strong stomachs, too)
After the archetype – Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey – Rhys Frake-Waterfield has decided to become a real childhood serial killer of all of us, continuing to wreak havoc on our childhood imagination. This time he will tear apart Bambiwhich will be called for the occasion The Reckoning. But the fury of this “serial killer from our childhood” will not stop, as he himself has already promised: Peter Pan is his next victim…

The words of the director


Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, here is the release date of the horror

Rhys Frake-Waterfield recently explained his new project in more detail, revealing a SFX Magazine something more about the idea from which the film starts and the ways in which it will try to revisit the iconic story of the sweet fawn born in the Disney house in a horror key. How can that symbol of tenderness be transformed into a ferocious killing machine? Well, the one who is making those transformations his trademark explains it to us.
Bambi will probably be the first to be shot,” said Frake-Waterfield, who – not happy – is also working on a horror version of Peter Pan. “We nicknamed him ‘Bambi in a rage’!. Have you seen The Ritual? The monster in that movie is a very strange thing, it looks like a moose. We were very inspired by that. We want it to be a monstrous bipedal deer that kills a lot of people. We want Bambi to step on people’s heads,” added Frake-Waterfield.

The Ritual, the film that inspired this horror Bambi


Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey, the trailer of the horror

The director of Bambi horror has indicated the film as the main nucleus of its inspiration The Ritual. It is a horror film in which a group of students go hiking in the Swedish mountains. The reason for that outing is to pay homage to one of their companions, who died in violent circumstances.
As soon as they enter the woods, however, those violent circumstances (with the annexed threat of death) also present themselves to them: a threatening presence will begin to harass them heavily. That thing is “the monster (that) looks like a moose,” as Frake-Waterfield told SFX Magazine.

And Peter Pan?


Winnie the Pooh, first photos of the horror film starring the teddy bear

Speaking of the other project that falls into this vein, that of Peter Panproducer Scott Jeffrey revealed to tmz extension some time some succulent detail. First of all we know that the film will be called Neverland Nightmare.
Peter Pan it’s going to be a lot of fun because Neverland is going to be like a circus and it’s going to be kind of a freak show,” says producer Scott Jeffrey. “We’re going to take a haunted look at some of the characters in the story like Tinker Bell, she’s going to be there,” he added.

Recall that the Tinker Bell fairy already in the original novel was a potential murderer, a series killer ready to kill all the various Wendys who stood between her and her beloved Peter Pan. At the beginning of the book, in fact, Tinker Bell tricks one of the boys of Peter Pan’s gang into piercing Wendy with an arrow shot from his bow, telling him that Peter had told him to kill her (he told the boys that it was a bird , since it was flying in the sky). In the end, the girl will be saved only thanks to the acorn that Peter Pan had given her, which she threaded into a chain and placed around her neck. The arrow hits the acorn instead of her heart, saving her life. However of material to render Peter Pan there is plenty of horror, well, we have to admit this, despite the shock caused to us by the “serial killer of our childhood”.

Heidi also ended up the same way…


All Disney controversies, from Minnie with pants to signs

Not only Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan And Bambi: also Heidi has been reinterpreted in a bloody and creepy version. Let’s talk about Mad Heidithe Alpine film from the creator of Iron Sky, halfway between horror and dark-comedy.
Just after Valentine’s Day, cinema billboards will enrich their proposals of inevitable romantic comedies to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the gem for horror lovers Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honeyhitting theaters February 15.
Two anthropomorphic Pooh and Piglet hunting for human flesh will totally forget their sweet and bungling archetypes, those of the 100 Acre Wood from the books of the English writer AA Milne.

After Christopher Robin’s departure for college, Pooh and Piglet feel abandoned and will therefore pounce on humans with ferocity.
Rhys Frake-Waterfield clearly is super careful not to get into legal trouble, which is why the Tigger character is not in the film, which is not yet in the public domain because the rights have not expired.
Also Peter Pan: Neverland Nightmare, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Three Blind Mice, Easter Bunny Massacre: The Bloody Trail And Bambi: The Reckoning they add to the list of horrors of the genre.

In January 2022 Ryan Reynolds on Twitter had offered a parody dedicated to Disney films, posting a hilarious video of Winnie-the-Pooh after last year’s Public Domain Day. On January 1, commonly recognized as Public Domain Day each year, works of art formerly protected by copyright law enter the public domain.

Bambi will be a head-crushing deer in the horror film