Bang Bang Baby: the series on the ‘Ndrangheta in Milan, between parody and pop

From tomorrow, May 19, 2022the Amazon streaming platform will add the remaining ones to its vast catalog five episodes of the first season of Bang Bang Baby, a story set in Milan in the 1980s that takes its cue from the book The untouchableby Marisa Merico published by Sperling & Kupfer.

A sort of teen drama in a pop sauce with a splash of black comedy on it ‘ndranghetabut also colorful, and dreamlike, which uses irreverent comedy to tell the world of the underworld through the eyes of a girl desperate for her father’s approval: is Bang Bang Babyexclusively on Prime Video in 240 countries and territories around the world starting from April 28 with the first 5 episodes, and then ending with the last 5 on May 19.

“Death is scary”. These are the words of Alice (a surprising one Arianna Becheroni17 years old), a girl who goes to school, but in the afternoon she works, eats Big babol as if there was no tomorrow, she is crazy with smarties so much that she dreams of being overwhelmed by an authentic avalanche of mini tablets, she recharges herself by eating sweets of all sorts, she watches American series on TV, has a mother who seems distracted and anaffective, but loves her very much, hides a secret from her (the always convincing Lucia Mascino). Alice in a moment says goodbye to life as a teenager, she runs away to Milan to meet her grandmother embraces the darkness into which her father who she believed dead drags her into (Adriano Giannini in a state of grace).

This turns on the lights on Bang Bang Baby, in 10 episodes made in Italy original Amazon, arriving on the streaming TV platform even if already presented at the Cannes Film Festival for the preview TV series. The neon lights, in reality, are all for Alice: 16 years in 1986, a normal life as a teenager, in a normal school in Northern Italy.

In the cast Antonio Gerardi, Dora Romano (very good) e Giuseppe De Domenicocreated by Andrea Di Stefanodirected by Michele Alhaique, Margherita Ferri, Giuseppe Bonito and written by Andrea Di Stefano, Valentina Gaddi and Sebastiano MelloniBang Bang Baby is produced by Lorenzo Mieli for The Apartment and Wildsideboth companies of the group Fremantle, and loosely based on a true story. Lorenzo Mieli during the presentation to the press highlighted: “Years ago we came across the story of Marisa Merico (an English mother who tried to keep her as a young man away from the shady business of her family and her grandmother, at the head, in the 80s, one of the most powerful gangs of the ‘Ndrangheta, ed), now the young repentant for years has also graduated in criminology, lives in London and collaborates with an association that helps prisoners, but before that she too had a significant role in business of family. A sort of I will marry Simon Le Bon in the world of crime. “

We see Alice change (she loses weight, becomes pale and disheveled …) and sinks into a hell of violence: “Alice – notes Arianna Becheroni, in connection – is initially insecure, shy and puts everything aside for the love of her father, she feeds on sweets and sugars because it compensates for the absence of the father with a sort of bulimia “. During this journey, Alice discovers a dark side of her bubbling in her veins, ready to warm her heart. As she sinks into the rabbit hole she begins to find herself and her place in the world. Her imagination of her adolescence, made up of TV series, cartoons, advertisements and video games, is the filter with which she manages to maintain a detachment from the horror that surrounds her. Adriano Giannini asks Alhaique what inspired him: “I studied the scripts a lot, they can be interpreted, maybe another director would have made different choices. I love the hand machine. There are reminiscences of Tarantino, Lynch, the Cohen brothers, but also the film Three Posters in Ebbing, Missouri “. Lucia Mascino of her character says: “The thing I like about Gabriella is that she is a seductive, distracted, not so maternal, positive woman. It seems to me that a part of great emotional solidity comes out and she surprised me because I thought she was different. as a character “.

Adriano Giannini: “Santo has the blood of a criminal and suddenly finds himself reorganizing a love for his daughter, his princess; he is a manipulator, seductive, he tries to save himself, but only his daughter can do it”. Dora Romano (among her roles the teacher in the series the genial friend and the grumpy lady with the fur in Sorrentino’s E ‘was the hand of god), who plays the grandmother, points out: “In the’ Ndrangheta families the first family it is the criminal one, then comes the blood one. He also swears to agree to kill family members if necessary “.

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Bang Bang Baby: the series on the ‘Ndrangheta in Milan, between parody and pop