Barbarian’s huge twist set up its perfect sinister sequel | Pretty Reel

Barbarian’s tonal touch pokes fun at common horror tropes and keeps the film fresh. A sequel could follow this trick and expand on the Barbarian universe.

Barbarian’s change of tone in the second act set the perfect precedent for a sequel. The film begins by following Tess with a dark and serious tone, but becomes lighter once the perspective shifts to Justin Long’s AJ character. At first, Tess looks like a typical horror protagonist, showing up at an Airbnb on a stormy night. The shift in tone to AJ singing in his car is shocking, but it makes Barbarian all the more intriguing. A barbaric sequel could repeat this trick while keeping the audience guessing.

Barbarian director and writer Zach Cregger has expressed interest in creating a Barbarian sequel where the mother survives the gunshot and is integrated into society. In a recent interview (via THR), Cregger joked that The Mother could go to community college, get her learner’s permit, and get a Tinder profile. While The Mother might not follow these exact steps, its integration would be intriguing to watch. Taking inspiration from the original movie, a Barbaric sequel could be the reverse of the first movie and start out comic, then play it straight later. The mother’s exploration of the outside world could provide plenty of fish-out-of-water humor, but ultimately provide a good amount of scares, the tone starting out ironically funny but then becoming more serious and dark.

Why Barbarian needs a sequel

Barbarian pulls off an impressive feat of poking fun at horror tropes while having a message and presenting itself as an entertaining horror movie. Plus, Barbarian’s ending explained very little and left enough questions to get a sequel. Not all of these questions need to be answered, but it would be rewarding to see more layers of the expanded history and lore. After all, horror sequels have done very well at the box office recently, like Terrifier 2 and Ti West’s Pearl. Barbarian can follow this successful trend and focus on The Mother in Barbarian 2.

How Barbarian 2 Can Mock Common Horror Tropes

Audiences have identified with movie monsters for decades, so exploring the idea of ​​what would happen to someone who was so horribly abused as The Mother would be an engaging and unique experience. A sequel could explore the man-made monster trope and subvert it by making The Mother a three-dimensional character who was just a victim of Frank’s brutality in Barbarian. Barbarian 2 could also parody other horror movie monster tropes, such as the tragic villain who comes to his demise. Instead of being damned by Frank’s actions, The Mother might have a happy ending.

The Mother might manage to integrate into society and find companionship. This would subvert the inbred and evil trope as she could learn to be “good” and respect boundaries. In Barbarian, The Mother knows only the brutality of Frank’s abuse and the suffocating affection of the nursing tape. The sequel could see The Mother learn about true kindness and possibly get her own bundle of joy. For the movie behemoth to get what it really wants and reform itself, it would overturn some of the most tired horror tropes and surprise audiences.

Barbarian’s huge twist set up its perfect sinister sequel | Pretty Reel