Beyoncé’s A Madea Homecoming Ending Parody Explained

Tyler Perry A Homecoming Madea channels Beyoncé into the mid-credits scene. Perry brings her iconic matriarch character Madea out of retirement in her second feature with Netflix. It’s also the 12th film to feature Madea and her cast of characters like Mr. Brown and his daughter Cora, played by married couple David and Tamela Mann. A Homecoming Madea is based on Perry’s 2019 play A farewell madea, which was originally meant to be his last time playing the character that made him famous. Now, Perry has brought back the beloved grandmother figure, citing her audience’s need for laughs following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Madea’s big comeback features her great-grandson Tim (Brandon Black), who is a college graduate. The family comes together to celebrate Tim, who shows up with his roommate Davi (Isha Blaaker), an Irish student. Davi also happens to be the great-nephew of Agnes Brown (Brendan O’Carroll), a character from the Irish sitcom Mrs. Brown’s Boys who, like Madea, is a matriarch played by a male comedian. Like most films in the Madea franchise, the story follows a troubled member of Madea’s family, usually a granddaughter or niece, who somehow struggles but finds love in an unlikely place. In this case, her granddaughter Laura (Gabrielle Dennis), who was a teenage mother, falls in love with her son Tim’s roommate, Davi, who is 12 years younger than her.

Because the film centers around a college degree, coming home is a big theme, which is where the Beyoncé reference comes in. At “historically black colleges and universities,” known as HBCUs, homecoming is a big deal for students and alumni and can be a week-long celebration of parties, concerts, and celebrations. events leading up to the big game. During the credits of A Homecoming MadeaPerry highlights the importance of the HBCU’s homecoming by parodying another tribute to those events: Beyoncé’s Back home. In a dream sequence at the end of the film, Madea imagines herself as Beyonce, singing and dancing in front of a cheering crowd of festival-goers. The most obvious reference Perry makes is the common title of the two films, but Perry’s Madea also directly copies many moments from Beyoncé’s concert film.

by Beyoncé Back home is a concert film that features her performance at Coachella in 2018 as well as behind-the-scenes moments with the pop icon. Beychella, as she was known, was a big moment for Queen Bey and became a pop culture phenomenon in the summer of 2019, after the Back home the film debuted on Netflix. Beyoncé herself fashioned her performance after an HBCU halftime show, with a full marching band and steppers to back her up. Perry recreated everything from Beychella’s set, even dressing Madea in a Greek-letter hoodie and denim shorts, similar to the costumes Beyoncé wore onstage in Back home.

These hoodies are themselves a reference to similar accessories worn by the siblings of the 9 black Greek letter organizations, known as the “Divine 9”. These sororities and fraternities are an integral part of African-American college culture. Perry’s version of the outfit features an “M” for Madea on the front of the hoodie, similar to the design on the front of Beyoncé’s. Perry also performs a setlist similar to Beychella’s, including a Madea cover of Beyoncé’s hit song “Drunk in Love.” The entire performance of “Machella” was endorsed by Beyoncé, and according to Perry, the pop icon found the parody hilarious.

A Homecoming Madea was the perfect place to send Beyoncé’s Coachella performance due to the HBCU homecoming themes the two share. The “Machella” scenes are a way for Tyler Perry to pay homage to Beyoncé, referencing the shared names of their Netflix specials. Perry’s “Machella” is a fun stinger for Madea’s return to the screen.

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