Blonde, Morbius and Tom Hanks nominated several times at the Razzie Awards

The young heroine of Firestarter is among the worst actresses, at only 12 years old.

Every year since 1981, the Razzie Awards ceremony rewards the worst of American cinema. This parody of the Oscars, thought to amuse moviegoers, is however the regular target of strong criticism, and its creators have ended up canceling prizes or apologizing to certain winners. For example Bruce Willis, for whom a category of worst actor had been specially created for his many DTVs, before we learned that the actor suffered from aphasia; or Shelley Duvall, mocked for her role as Wendy Torrance in shining while the filming of Stanley Kubrick’s horror film was an ordeal to shoot for her.

Razzie Creators Admit They Shouldn’t Have Cast Shelley Duvall For The Shining

The 2023 edition should be no exception to the rule in terms of controversy, since among its nominees, we find a very young actress: Ryan Kiera Armstrong, aged only 12, is mentioned for her performance considered mediocre in Firestarterthe new adaptation of charlie, by Stephen King. Is it really smart to select an underage actress, at the very start of her career, for a parody award ceremony mocking her lack of talent? The British newspaper The Independent rather judges the approach unhealthy and considers that this mention is the proof that“it’s time for the Razzies to cease to exist”. And it is not the only media to openly criticize the approach.

Because for such a concept to work, the films and personalities selected must still be funny and/or denounce a trend in Hollywood. Thus, this year, the choice of “favorite” challenges: Blonde hairby Andrew Dominik is nominated 8 times, which is more than the “stoner movie” Good Morning with Machine Gun Kelly, (which has 7), or the adaptation of Marvel comics, Morbiusstarring Jared Leto, who flopped and received killer reviews from the public (and whose the star had already “won” last year to House of Gucci).
If this work inspired by the life of Marylin Monroe has divided critics since its broadcast on Netflix, its ambition and the acting of Ana de Armas have generally were greeted. See her here named in all categories, sometimes with eccentric mentions (“Worst couple inspired by real people in the fake White House bed scene”), may seem absurd. As for the double nomination of Tom Hanks, it is also making noise: if his Pinocchiodesigned by Robert Zemeckis for Disney+, did not convince anyone, his second role in Elvis on the contrary found its audience. Will he get both a Razzie and an Oscar in the same weekend? Just like the interpreter of Marilyn? The Razzie Awards ceremony will take place on Saturday March 11, the day before the Oscars, and that may be exactly what its organizers are looking for: to create the buzz as with Halle Berry or Sandra Bullock, who had come to collect their the best and worst actress in stride, in 2005 and 2010? We will know the selection of the Oscars 2023 tomorrow afternoon.

The Razzie Awards cancel the special award dedicated to Bruce Willis for his multiple DTVs

Here is the selection of the Razzie Awards 2023:

Worst Movie
Blonde hair
Disney’s Pinocchio
Good Morning
The King’s Daughter

Worst actor
Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly) / Good Morning
Pete Davidson (voice dubbing) / Marmaduke
Tom Hanks (as Gepetto) / Pinocchioh
Jared Leto / Morbius
Sylvester Stallone / The Samaritan

Worst actress
Ryan Kiera Armstrong / Firestarter
Bryce Dallas Howard / Jurassic World: The World After
Diane Keaton / Mack & Rita
Kaya Scodelario / The King’s Daughter
Alicia Silverstone / The Shark

Worst remake, copy-paste, sequel
Blonde hair
65 Days and its sequels — 365 Days: This Day and The Next 365 Days
Jurassic World: The World After

Worst Supporting Actress
Adria Arjona / Morbius
Lorraine Bracco (dubbing) Pinocchio
Penelope Cruz / The 355
Bingbing Fan / The 355 and The King’s Daughter
Mira Sorvino / Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend

Worst Supporting Actor
Pete Davidson (in cameo) / Good Morning
Tom Hanks / Elvis
Xavier Samuel / Blonde hair
ModSun / Good Morning
Evan Williams / Blonde hair

worst couple
Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly) and Mod Sun / Good Morning
Worst couple inspired by real people in the fake White House bed scene / Blonde hair
Tom Hanks and his latex face (and his awful accent) / Elvis
Andrew Dominik and his problems with women / Blonde hair
The two 365 Days sequels (both released in 2022)

Worst director
Judd Apatow / The Bubble
Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly) and Mod Sun / Good Morning
Andrew Dominic / Blonde hair
Daniel Espinosa / Morbius
Robert Zemeckis / Pinocchio

worst case scenario
Blonde hair
Disney’s Pinocchio
Good Morning
Jurassic World: The World After

Blonde, Morbius and Tom Hanks nominated several times at the Razzie Awards