“Boomerissima”, third episode: Pierpaolo Spollon arrives

Pcontinue the appointment with Boomer. There third episode of new program led by Alessia Marcuzzi goes on air tonight at 21.20 on Rai 2. Again, one comes into play generational clash. On the one hand i Boomers and on the other i Millennialsstruggling with musical challenges and monologues to get the studio audience to decide which era of the two is better.

Boomingthe contestants of the third episode

The two teams ready to take the field are made up of actors and singers. Personalities of the Italian show business, and not only, symbol of the generation to which they belong. Between Boomers there are Geppi Cucciari, Giorgio Mastrota, Mietta and Francesco Paolantoni. Between Millennialsinstead, Lodovica Comello, Francesca Manzini, Riki and Pierpaolo Spollon.

Geppi Cucciari is one of the faces of Rai, together with Francesco Paolantoni. The first leads Gorgeous frame on Rai 3, while the second is in the cast of Such and suchin addition to being part of for years Tonight anything is possibleled by Stefano De Martino. Miettaon the other hand, returns to TV after participating in Dancing with the Stars 2022. MastrotaFinally, he was a conductor in vogue in the 90s, to then become the king of teleshopping.

The four names they collide with are equally representative of gods Millennials. Lodovica Comello led, from 2016 to 2022, Italia’s got talentto which have been added, over the years, Singing in the car, Kid’s got talent and participation in an episode of Hyenas. Last spring he saw her as the protagonist on Italia 1 of Cruising Typestogether with Nicolas Vaporidis.

Alessia Marcuzzi in the study of “Boomerissima”. (Maurizio D’Avanzo)

Pierpaolo Spollon for the Millennials

Frances Manzini she is part of the new generation’s imitators, who have carved out their own space. For several seasons, she has been part of the cast of Strip the newswhere it toggles the role of conductor to that of imitator. In the currently airing edition, it brings the parody of Ilary Blasiat the center of the gossip following the separation by Francesco Totti.

In 2020 he participated as a contestant in Such and which show. Between hers more famous imitationsthe one of Mara Venier. Riki won Friends of Maria De Filippi in the 2016-2017 season and in 2019 he participated in the Sanremo Festival with the song We both know. In the end, Pierpaolo Spollon, one of Rai’s leading young actors.

Born in 1989, to date he has acted in several TV seriesincluding One step from heaven 2, Grand Hotel And Inspector Coliandro 6. Notoriety comes with The pupil and the consecration with DOC – In your hands, in which he plays Riccardo Bonvegna. Also, he’s in the cast of God help us And The red doorcurrently broadcast respectively on Rai 1 and Rai 2, and of Blanca.

Among tonight’s guests, Drusilla Foer and Nek

As always, in addition to the competitors, the parterre of guests. There third installment Of Boomer welcomes Corona, Drusilla Foer, Rocco Hunt and Nek. Crownat the registry office Olga Maria de Souzamarked the 90s with the hits The rhythm of the night. Best-selling single in Italy in 1994, it went beyond national borders achieving worldwide success.

Rocco Hunt he established himself on the music scene first with the victory of the Sanremo Festival 2014 among the Youth with No good day, then churning out predominantly summer hits. Between these, I wanted to dedicate you, feat. J-Ax and Boomdabash, A kiss suddenly And One step away from the moonrecorded with the Spanish singer Ana Mena.

Yet, Drusilla Foerborn Giancluca Gori, revelation of Sanremo 2022 as well as presenter of Drusilla and the next day’s almanac. Complete the guest list, Nekprotagonist of the Italian discography since the 90s and conductor of From street to stagewhich aired last summer on Rai 2.

Boomingthe game mechanism

During the episode the teams have to try their hand at different games. From Super Hits to What year is itpassing through Everyone sings Sanremoeach heat has the goal of highlight the merits of the reference period. From music to costumes, from period films to cult television programs, everything is useful for immersing yourself in theatmosphere of memory or the present.

The journey begins in the 80s, continues in the 90s, up to the present day. Go through four fundamental decades to understand today’s world. To top it all off, two elements: the living room back in time and the closing argument. The first is a real one a journey through time, which sees Alessia Marcuzzi as the protagonist grappling with an iconic character from the pastalong with the dancers and some of the contestants.

The speech, on the other hand, is a final monologue with which the respective teams must convince the public in the studio to vote for their era. In fact, it is the audience who decides who wins the bet, equally divided between Boomers and Millennials.


“Boomerissima”, third episode: Pierpaolo Spollon arrives – iO Donna