Brad Pitt’s production company goes French

Mediawan has just acquired Brad Pitt’s production company. The French company sees its future internationally.

Cocorico, Brad Pitt’s production company becomes majority French. The Hollywood actor and producer wants to strengthen his ties with French cinema and is counting on Mediawan to do so. The company founded by Pierre-Antoine Capton, Xaviel Niel and Matthieu Pigasse has just acquired 60% of Plan B Entertainment’s workforce. As a reminder, Mediawan hides behind many small and big screen productions. It is to her that we owe North ferry, Ten percent or 3615 Monique which returns for a season 2 in a few days.

For its part, Plan B Entertainment has hatched many box office successes such as Troy, Ad Astra or The Big Short: The Heist of the Century. Founded in 2002 by the actor and his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston, it has established relationships with several iconic studios such as Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox. It is therefore a big blow for the French company, which undoubtedly aims to achieve international influence.

While the takeover proposals were raining, Brad Pitt finally chose to entrust his baby to French film actors. He confides to the Parisian: “We’ve been talking about it for a while with my associates Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner. Talents are emerging all over the world. For our future projects, we must look outside the United States. For this, we were looking for a foreign partner to think with him about our future content.

If the choice of Brad Pitt fell on Mediawan, it is because the expertise of the group is no longer to be proven. From animated series, television shows and successful feature films, the company is on all fronts. Moreover, it is not confined to French territory alone since it also produces foreign programs such as The Voice in Spain. 7 years after its creation, Mediawan is already inviting itself to Hollywood.

“Telling good stories”

After this transaction, it will soon be time for Brad Pitt and Mediawan to embark on new projects. Whereas Ten percent has been exported internationally, the country of Uncle Sam escapes for the moment this madness of the remake. Brad Pitt would not be against the idea of ​​adapting the concept for Hollywood. It must be said that the project has something to seduce: proposing to cinema legends to embody parodies of themselves. Nothing is acted for the moment.

One thing is certain, Brad Pitt maintains his privileged relationship with France. He hopes to soon be able to rest his suitcases in our green regions to shoot a film there. “In Paris, especially. But there again, I have no concrete project.” We will probably have to wait a bit before knowing more. Before that, we can find him next year on the bill of babylon. After delighting cinemas around the world with whiplash and La La Land, Damien Chazelle returns for an intoxicating dive into 1920s Los Angeles. Pitt plays the lead role alongside Margot Robbie. He should also make a detour to Apple TV + for a production dedicated to Formula 1.

Brad Pitt’s production company goes French