‘Bros’ Interview with Nicholas Stoller, Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane

In the enchanting setting ofHotel de la Ville in Rome, the interview with Nicholas Stoller, Billy Eichner And Luke Macfarlanerespectively director and performers of Bros. Charming in their casual style, very helpful and visibly excited to present the film to the Film Festival in Rome (the seventeenth edition took place from 13 to 23 October 2022).

Protagonists of a roundtable to which we too, of Taxidrivers, we were invited, the three answered questions from the press, revealing curiosity and background.

‘Bros’ The comedy that changes perspective

Bros | Interview with Nicholas Stoller, Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane

The atmosphere is cheerful and relaxed, while questions about the birth of the project begin. After getting to know him for his famous podcast, Funny or Die’s Billy on the StreetStoller worked with Eichner in Bad neighbors 2 and in a tv series called Friends from Collegebefore choosing him as the protagonist of Bros.

“I knew he was good, but not that he was a great actor. We have shot the first episode live and whenever Billy was on stage, the audience cheered. So I realized that he was a big star and that he deserved a movie.

For his part, Eichner is keen to underline how, in Brosthere are some specific elements of the gay world, but also how, in the end, emotions affect everyone. «We wanted to tell one love story of two men gay. Most of the time the characters belonging to the LGBTQ community are described as suffering, tragic, dying (laughs, ed.).

These are important stories, but we live in a time where we don’t torture cowboys, we are happy, fun loving people.

Obviously we have flaws and we face challenges, because we are human beings.

We wanted to show all the classic elements of rom-combut at the same time stay honest and authentic about gay life “.

From Hallmark to Will & Grace

In the course of the film, the parody of Hallmark moviesof which Macfarlane is a habitue, being the protagonist of numerous channel titles. Which is why, Stoller and Eichner joke, he would have been chosen for Bros.

The actor tells how much he is “always very fun making Hallmark movies “. But he does not neglect to express his gratitude towards this type of artistic expression. “They gave me the opportunity to work, without having me never discriminated against. Now we are more smartwe watch movies more than once, we look for references, we compare them.

After proudly calling himself # teamWill & Grace and revealing that he is not good at vogueing

I’m not very good at vogueing, but I have a lot of respect for those who do it “

Eichner tells of the cameos scattered here and there in the film.Debra Messing it’s hilarious, she said this was the only time she got to rant in a movie and had a lot of fun sending me to that country. It was an honor to have such icons. ‘

The power of laughter

“We looked for a balance, but our priority was always that any scene that was supposed to be fun was really fun. We love jokes, good comedy, we want people to laugh out loud at the cinema together. And this is the experience of looking Bros.

We focused on telling a true story.

But at the same time we don’t have so many stories that focus on gay men in popular culture. It was important to show that both characters, below the surface, compared to when you first meet them, are more complicated“.

“I think when you laugh with the characters, you relate to them, you see your life as theirs, and it’s very powerful – adds Stoller – And I believe this can change the way where people think what the movie is about. I heard the straight audience laugh and it means it was emotionally involved.

Interview with the protagonists of Bros | Improvisation in the film

“There was some improvisation. In the museum scenes they are presented different perspectives of the LBTQ community and there is room for experimentation, but mostly we relied on script.

The song (final, ed.) instead it was not in the script – explains Eichner – it’s something that came later, together, during a chat with Luke on set. We didn’t know each other well before we started filming and, in a way, that helped us. Also to keep the mystery.

So I was trying to get to know him, but he was always so mysterious, did not speak much. Nothing to do with her character. I asked him what kind of music he likes and he said he likes it country musichow Garth Brooks.

Here he is a country icon, but he is not the kind of music I grew up with, like for example Madonna, Mariah. When he told me I got the same reaction that I put in the movie. So when Nick and I realized that something was missing at the end of the film, that we needed something that would reach Aaron in a special waywe thought of the song ». Helping them in the composition was the music curator Marc Shaiman.

You think it was registered live and that Luke, listening to her, really cried …

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‘Bros’ Interview with Nicholas Stoller, Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane